Analysis of the structural reliability of dental filling under the effect of mouthwash G.U.M

Document Type : Research Paper


1 College of Health and Medical Technology - Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Iraq

2 College of Administration and Economics, Department of Statistics, University of Baghdad, Iraq


The application of structural reliability analysis has become very important to ensure the strength of the studied structural design, as it presents results that help in giving evidence about the acceptance of that design according to the materials used under specific operating conditions. In this research an experiment was done, to find out the effect of G.U.M mouthwash on cured and re-cured Visible Light Cured (VLC) composite dental filling material, made according to agreed international standards, where many studies have documented that the surface of restorative materials placed on the tooth may also be affected by the chemical effect of different types of oral health care products, and the experiment was analyzed mathematically by applying structural reliability analysis to know the probability of structural failure when dental filling were exposed to the mouthwash G.U.M (Operational conditions), using analysis technique: the D-vine copula. The results were that the probability of structural failure gave an indication from which to infer the extent to which the experiment was accepted or rejected.