Numerical analysis of the wall impact in the peristaltic pumping of a casson liquid in an inclined canal

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Humanities, Siddhartha Institute of Technology and Sciences Narapally, Hyderabad-500088, Telangana

2 Professor, Department of Mathematics Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation R.V.S Nagar, Aziznagar Telangana- 500075.


Flow is considered in the moving frame of reference with constant velocity along the wave. The developed mathematical model is presented by a set of partial differential equations. A numerical algorithm based on finite element method is implemented to evaluate the numerical solution of the governing partial differential equations in the stream-vorticity formulation.This paper is about the study of Numerical analysis of the peristaltic conveyance of a casson fluid in a skewed tube under the consideration of low Reynolds and long wavelength .The problem is discussed on the inclination angle and yield stress of a fluid are examined for different qualitative and quantitative effects on pressure and also the trapping bolus creation analyzed by changing various parameters, the equation of flux analyzed in a wave frame moving at wave speed. Expressions are derived for the frictional force, change in volume flow rate, rise and drop in pressure. The impact of frictional force on various parameters on the pumping characteristics and pressure flow curves discussed through graphs