Near fixed point, near fixed interval circle and their equivalence classes in a $b-$interval metric space

Document Type : Research Paper


1 S. G. R. R. (P. G.) College Dehradun, India

2 Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand Vishwavidyalay, Pt. L. M. S. Campus Rishikesh- 249201, Uttarakhand, India


We introduce a novel distance structure called a b−interval metric space to generalize and extend metric interval space. Also, we demonstrate that the collection of open balls, which forms a basis of a b−interval metric space, generates a T0−topology on it. Further, we define topological notions like an open ball, closed ball, b−convergence, b−Cauchy sequence and completeness of the space on a b−interval metric space to create an environment for the survival of a near fixed point and a unique equivalence class of near fixed point. Towards the end, we introduce notions of interval circle, fixed interval circle, its equivalence class and established the existence of a near fixed interval circle and its equivalence interval C−class of near fixed interval circle to study the geometric properties of non-unique equivalence C−classes of nearly fixed interval circles.