Calculation reduced transition probabilities (BE2 $ \downarrow $) for two holes in 64Ni within modified surface-delta interaction

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Physics, College of Education for Girls, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq


Reduced electric quadruple transition probabilities (BE2 $ \downarrow $) in the mixed configuration of $ ^{64}Ni $ with two holes have been calculated within the nuclear shell model. In the present work modified surface delta interaction MSDI within the model space $ (1P_{3/2}  0f_{5/2}) $ has been used for two holes neutrons  The closed nuclear core is represented by the Ni- 66 nucleus. We have used a theoretical study to find a relationship between the semi-classical coupling angle $ \theta_{a,b} $ and the energy levels at different orbital within (hole- hole) configuration. we observed good agreement between theoretical energy levels with experimental data, new values have been specified for both the excited energy levels and the reduced electric quadruple transition probabilities (BE2 $ \downarrow $), these values are considered as a proposal, that grows theoretical understanding,  of the energy levels and the expected transition probabilities through, this work.