Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2015 
A common fixed point theorem for weakly compatible maps satisfying common property (E.A) and implicit relation in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces

Pages 1-8

Saurav Manro

Fixed point theorems on generalized $c$-distance in ordered cone $b$-metric spaces

Pages 9-22

B. Bao; S. Xu; L. Shi; V. Cojbasic Rajic

Bernstein's polynomials for convex functions and related results

Pages 23-34

G. Zabandan

Orthogonal stability of mixed type additive and cubic functional equations

Pages 35-43

S. Ostadbashi; J. Kazemzadeh

Statistical uniform convergence in $2$-normed spaces

Pages 44-52

F. Amouei Arani; M. Eshaghi

Periodic solution for a delay nonlinear population equation with feedback control and periodic external source

Pages 53-61

P. Nasertayoob; S. M. Vaezpour

On existence and uniqueness of solutions of a nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation

Pages 62-68

S. Moradi; M. Mohammadi Anjedani; E. Analoei

A characterization of multiwavelet packets on general lattices

Pages 69-84

Firdous Ahmad Shah

Global existence‎, ‎stability results and compact invariant sets‎ ‎for a quasilinear nonlocal wave equation on $\mathbb{R}^{N}$

Pages 85-95

P. Papadopoulos; N.L. Matiadou; A. Pappas

Remarks on some recent M. Borcut's results in partially ordered metric spaces

Pages 96-104

Zoran Kadelburg; Stojan Radenovic

Wavelet collocation solution of non-linear Fin problem with temperature dependent thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient

Pages 105-118

Surjan Singh; Dinesh Kumar; K. N Rai

Free and constrained equilibrium states in a variational problem on a surface

Pages 119-134

Panayotis Vyridis

Approximately $n$-order linear differential equations

Pages 135-139

Abbas Javadian

Coupled coincidence point theorems for maps under a new invariant set in ordered cone metric spaces

Pages 140-152

Sushanta Kumar Mohanta; Rima Maitra

Non-linear Bayesian prediction of generalized order statistics for liftime models

Pages 153-162

Zohreh Karimi; Mohsen Madadi; Mohsen Rezapour