Author = Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu
Existence of solution for a fractional differential equation via a new type of $(\psi, F)$-contraction in $b$-metric spaces

Volume 14, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 87-100


Francis Akutsah; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Abass Hammed Anuoluwapo; Kazeem Olalekan Aremu; Narain Ojen Kumar

Some iterative algorithms for Reich-Suzuki nonexpansive mappings and relaxed $(\alpha,k)$-cocoercive mapping with applications to a fixed point and optimization problems

Volume 14, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 175-193


Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Paranjothi Pillay; Ojen K. Narain; Akindele Akano Onifade; Mathew O. Adewole

On fixed point approximation method for finite family of $k$-strictly pseudo-contractive mappings and pseudomonotone equilibrium problem in Hadamard space.

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 11-24


Hammed Anuoluwapo Abass; Kazeem Oewole; Kazeem Olalekan Aremu; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Ojen Kumar Narain

Shrinking approximation method for solution of split monotone variational inclusion and fixed point problems in Banach spaces

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2021, Pages 825-842


Francis Akutsah; Narain Ojen Kumar; Abass Hammed Anuoluwapo; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu

Generalized Suzuki $(\psi,\phi)$-contraction in complete metric spaces

Volume 12, Issue 1, May 2021, Pages 963-978


Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Iyanu Sunday Mebawondu

On some fixed points properties and convergence theorems for a Banach operator in hyperbolic spaces

Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2017, Pages 293-306


Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Lateef Jolaoso; Hammed Abass