Keywords = fractional calculus
Inequalities of Simpson-type for twice-differentiable convex functions via conformable fractional integrals

Volume 15, Issue 3, March 2024, Pages 1-10


Fatih Hezenci; Hasan Kara; Huseyin Budak

Solving fractional two-dimensional nonlinear weakly singular partial integro-differential equation by using Fibonacci polynomials

Volume 14, Issue 11, November 2023, Pages 11-24


Isa Zamanpour; Reza Ezzati

Long-time solvability of functional differential equations with "supremum" involving increasing nonlinearity at infinite time

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 1437-1448


Afaf Ouani; Khadidja Nisse; Lamine Nisse

Efficient analytical method for the solution of some fractional -order nonlinear differential equations

Volume 13, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 401-408


Maad Gatea Mousa; Huda Omran Altaie

Existence of solutions for time fractional order diffusion equations on weighted graphs

Volume 13, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 2219-2232


Kaninpat Wattanagul; Parinya Sa Ngiamsunthorn

Controllability of impulsive fractional nonlinear control system with Mittag-Leffler kernel in Banach space

Volume 13, Issue 1, March 2022, Pages 3257-3280


Fadhil Abbas Naji; Iftichar Al-Sharaa

On subclass of analytic univalent functions defined by fractional differ-integral operator I

Volume 12, Special Issue, December 2021, Pages 63-69


Rafid Habib Buti; Ameen Khlaif Sachit

Dynamical analysis, stability and discretization of fractional-order predator-prey model with negative feedback on two species

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2021, Pages 729-741


Alireza Vahidi; Esmail Babolian; Nader Biranvand

Walsh function for solving fractional partial differential equation

Volume 12, Issue 2, November 2021, Pages 2057-2068


Azhar Malik