Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2017 
4. Perfect $2$-colorings of the Platonic graphs

Pages 29-35

Mohammad Hadi Alaeiyan; Hamed Karami

6. Curvature collineations on Lie algebroid structure

Pages 47-63

Esa Sharahi; Esmaeil Peyghan; Constantin Arcus

7. On the stability of linear differential equations of second order

Pages 65-70

Abbas Najati; Mohammad Abdollahpour; Choonkil Park

9. Interpolation of fuzzy data by using flat end fuzzy splines

Pages 89-97

Reza Ezzati; Saeid Abbasbandy; Hossein Behforooz

10. Translation invariant mappings on KPC-hypergroups

Pages 99-107

Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaie; Faranak Haghighifar

22. $(\varphi_1, \varphi_2)$-variational principle

Pages 251-261

Abdelhakim Maaden; Stouti Abdelkader

27. Mazur-Ulam theorem in probabilistic normed groups

Pages 327-333

Alireza Pourmoslemi; Kourosh Nourouzi