Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2017 
Quadratic $\alpha$-functional equations

Pages 1-9

Choonkil Park; Sang Og Kim

The operators over the GIFS

Pages 11-21

Ezzatallah Baloui Jamkhaneh

On genuine Lupa\c{s}-Beta operators and modulus of continuity

Pages 23-32

Vijay Gupta; Th.M. Rassias; Ekta Pandey

Stability for certain subclasses of harmonic univalent functions

Pages 33-45

Ali Ebadian; Saman Azizi; Shahram Najafzadeh

Hermite-Hadamard inequality for geometrically quasiconvex functions on co-ordinates

Pages 47-60

Ali Barani; Fatemeh Malmir

Study on efficiency of the Adomian decomposition method for stochastic differential equations

Pages 61-68

Kazem Nouri

A spline collocation method for integrating a class of chemical reactor equations

Pages 69-80

Abdelmajid Elhajaji; Nadia Barje; Abdelhafid Serghini; Khalid Hilal; El Bekkaye Mermri

Uncertainty in linear fractional transportation problem

Pages 81-93

Mohammad Reza Safi; Seyyed Mojtaba Ghasemi

Dhage iteration method for PBVPs of nonlinear first order hybrid integro-differential equations

Pages 95-112

Bapurao Dhage

The James and von Neumann-Jordan type constants and uniform normal structure in Banach spaces

Pages 113-122

Mina Dinarvand

Convergence of trajectories in infinite horizon optimization

Pages 123-131

Sara Hassani; Musa Mammadov

Some results on coupled fixed point and fixed point theory in partially ordered probabilistic like (quasi) Menger spaces

Pages 133-157

Hamid Shayanpour; Asiyeh Nematizadeh

On the metric triangle inequality

Pages 159-164

Alexandre Mihai Bica

Existence results for equilibrium problems under strong sign property

Pages 165-176

Somaye Jafari; Ali Farajzadeh

Unsteady free convection oscillatory couette flow through a variable porous medium with concentration profile

Pages 177-186

Surjan Singh; Pawan Kumar Sharma; Kavindra Nath Rai; Nagendra Singh Tomer

Almost n-Multiplicative Maps‎ between‎ ‎Frechet Algebras

Pages 187-195

Taher Ghasemi Honary; Mashaalah Omidi; AmirHossein Sanatpour

On the real quadratic fields with certain continued fraction expansions and fundamental units

Pages 197-208

Ozen Ozer; Ahmed Khammash

$C$-class and $F(\psi,\varphi)$-contractions on $M$-metric spaces

Pages 209-224

Hossein Monfared; Mahdi Azhini; Mehdi Asadi

Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for $\mathbb{B}$-convex and $\mathbb{B}^{-1}$-convex functions

Pages 225-233

Ilknur Yesilce; Gabil Adilov

Some properties of analytic functions related with bounded positive real part

Pages 235-244

Rahim Kargar; Ali Ebadian; Janusz Sokol

Strong and $\Delta$-convergence theorems for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0)

Pages 245-260

G.S. Saluja; Hemant Kumar Nashine; Yumnam Rohen Singh

A note on the Young type inequalities

Pages 261-267

Leila Nasiri; Mahmood Shakoori; Wenshi Liao

An inexact alternating direction method with SQP regularization for the structured variational inequalities

Pages 269-289

Abdellah Bnouhachem; Th.M. Rassias

Similarity measurement for describe user images in social media

Pages 291-299

Alireza Tavakoli Targhi

Periodic boundary value problems for controlled nonlinear impulsive evolution equations on Banach spaces

Pages 301-314

Said Melliani; Lalla Saadia Chadli; Abdelati El Allaoui

Fixed and coincidence points for hybrid rational Geraghty contractive mappings in ordered $b$-metric spaces

Pages 315-329

Arsalan Ansari; Abdolrahman Razani; Nawab Hussain

New integral inequalities for $s$-preinvex functions

Pages 331-336

Badreddine Meftah

Some extensions of Darbo's theorem and solutions of integral equations of Hammerstein type

Pages 337-351

Reza Allahyari; Asadollah Aghajani

On new faster fixed point iterative schemes for contraction operators and comparison of their rate of convergence in convex metric spaces

Pages 353-388

Cristian Alecsa

The structure of ideals, point derivations, amenability and weak amenability of extended Lipschitz algebras

Pages 389-404

Maliheh Mayghani; Davood Alimohammadi