Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Special Issue, November 2020 
Presenting a Model for Social Responsibility of Audit Firms Using Grounded Theory Method

Pages 1-20


Aliakbar Mohsenzadeh Ganji; Fatemeh Saraf; Roya Darabi

Presenting a Model for Portfolio Risk Premium Assessment: Evidence from the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 21-30


Hamid Reza Azizi; Asgar Pakmaram; Nader Rezaei; Rasoul Abdi

Development of a Risk Management Model for Water and Sewage Projects Using Interpretive Structural Modeling

Pages 31-52


Yazdan kheradmand; Amin Honarbakhsh; Seyyed Mojtaba Movahedifar; Ali Reza Afshari

Investigation of the Effect of Noise on Tracking Objects using Deep Learning

Pages 53-61


Mohammad Eshaghian

Measuring and Explaining the Probability of Informed Trading and its Relationship with the Cost of Capital with an Emphasis on Family Ownership

Pages 63-79


Omid Farhad Toski; Mohammad Hassan Janani; Mahmood Hemmat Far

Investigation of Granger causality vision and process perspective of the balanced scorecard model in the banking industry

Pages 81-92


Hadi Keshavarznia; Ali Amiri; Hojatalah salari; Saeed Moradpour

Numerical modeling of particles deposition in domestic floor heating systems

Pages 93-104


Reza Sadighi; Majid Abbasalizadeh; Iraj Mirzaee

Factors Affecting E-shopping Intention to Reduce Shopping Trip: Tehran, Iran

Pages 105-117


Ali Edrisi; Rambod Vakilian; Houmaan Ganjipour

A predictive model based on machine learning methods to recognize fake Persian news on twitter

Pages 119-128


Mohammad Mohsen Sadr; Afshin Mousavi Chelak; Soraya Ziaei; Jafar Tanha

Seismic Response of Multistory Buildings with Double Telescoping Self-Centering Energy-Dissipative Brace (DT-SCED)

Pages 129-143


Mohammadhossein Baradaran Khalkhali; Abbas Karamodin

Study of Pricing Bubbles formation process in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE): Applying of Markov Switching Method

Pages 145-157


Mohammad Asim; Mahdi Sadidi; Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi Sarvolia

An Optimal Model of Banking Services with the Customer Experience Approach based on the grounded theory

Pages 159-168


Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini; Touraj Sadeghi; Ali Hosseinzadeh; Mehdi Zirak

Cognitive Radio Platforms for Disaster Response Networks : Survey

Pages 169-182


Khaled F. AlAqad; M.A. Burhanuddin; Norharyati Binti Harum

A New Method for Reducing End Effects in Empirical Mode Decomposition

Pages 183-193


Javad Zarekar; Gholamhasan Payganeh; Mehrdad Nouri Khajavi

Presenting and Evaluating the Banks Rating Model Using TOPSIS Technique

Pages 195-209


Shoeib Abbasi; Amin Nazemi

Optimal placement of charging station and distributed generation considering electricity price and load uncertainty using NSBSA algorithm

Pages 211-230


Seyed Masoud Alizadeh Masoumian; Alireza Alfi; Ahmad Rezaee Jordehi

Dynamic Optimization of Investment Portfolio under Liquidity with Taylor Extension of Value function

Pages 231-248


Razieh FatehPour; Mohsen Hamidian; Shadi shahverdiani; Ali Najafimoghadam; Zohreh Hajiha

Agent Based Simulation of ITS for Urban Traffic Control Using GPS

Pages 249-263


Mohammad Akhondi; Mohammad Saadi Mesgari

Technical Impacts of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Integration into Malaysian Medium Voltage Reference Networks

Pages 265-276


Hayder Salah Mohammed; Chin Kim Gan; MR Ab Ghani

Conventional and Cognitive Radio Based Disaster Response Networks, A Comparative Study

Pages 277-284


Khaled F. AlAqad; M.A. Burhanuddin; Norharyati Binti Harum; Waleed Saeed Mahmoud Ali

The Analysis of Multifractal System, Long-Term Memory, and Weak Form Efficiency of the Returns in Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 285-297


Hossein Tebyaniyan; Farzaneh Heidarpour; Azita Jahanshad

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Data Mining Techniques in Credit Scoring of Bank Customers Using Mathematical Models: A Case Study of Individual Borrowers of Refah Kargaran Bank in Zanjan Province, Iran

Pages 299-309


Abdollah Nazari; Mohammadreza Mehregan; Reza Tehrani

Applying Structural Equation Model to develop A New Model of Happiness at the Workplace in Promoting Employee Happiness in Public Organization

Pages 311-320


Essa Yousuf Majid Al Suwaidi; Samer Ali Al-shami; Suriati Akmal

Smart Educational System to enhancing Students Performance through Teachers Efficiency in the United Arab Emirate

Pages 321-337


Sami Saeed Obaid Alnaqbi; Siti Sarah Omar

A Design of Strategic Real-Time Marketing Model in Smart Cities Based on the Internet of Things in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Pages 339-349


Nasrin Akbarpour; Mehran Keshtkar Haranaki; Hormoz Mehrani; Nader Gharibnavaz; Mahmoud Ahmadi Sharif

Approximation of functional equations in intuitionistic fuzzy C ∗ -algebras

Pages 351-360


Javad Vahidi

New Construction of Triangle by Wilson Angle and I−Angle in Morrey Spaces

Pages 361-368


Hairur Rahman

Online target tracking via deep convolutional network approach

Pages 369-378


Mahbubeh Nazarloo; Meisam Yadollahzadeh Tabari; Homayoon Motameni

The Interactive Approach to Working Capital Knowledge: Survey Evidence

Pages 379-393


Wahiduzzaman Khan; Alim Al Ayub Ahmed; Md. Shakawat Hossain; Taposh Kumar Neogy

Game theory model for optimum pricing in a two level supply chain

Pages 395-411


Mohammad jafari anari; Ali reza arshadi khmse; Nader bahmani

The investigation in effective factors on development of green marketing’ (Case Study: Food Industries)

Pages 413-431


Fereshteh Taherpouran; Hossein abadi; Babak Haji Karimi

Predicting the Behaviour of the Senescence-Accelerated Mouse (SAM) Strains (SAMPs and SAMR) Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Pages 433-444


Sura Zaki Al_Rashid

Investigating and explaining the justice-oriented model in smartening new urban development with a mathematical approach and McGranahan method: A case study on the Abdul Azim Shrine Privacy

Pages 445-463


Alireza Jafari; Hamidreza Saremi; Arash Baghdadi

Tracking Control of an unknown switched nonlinear system based on adaptive backstepping with nonlinear disturbance observer

Pages 465-474


Masoud Bagherzadeh; Zahra Rahmani

An Intelligent Traffic Light Scheduling Algorithm by using fuzzy logic and gravitational search algorithm and considering emergency vehicles

Pages 475-482


Maryam Habibi; Ali Broumandnia; Ali Harounabadi

Autonomous Apex Detection and Micro-Expression Recognition using Proposed Diagonal Planes

Pages 483-497


Vida Esmaeili; Mahmood Mohassel Feghhi; Seyed Omid Shahdi

Designing a genetic model (Brand DNA) for internet businesses

Pages 499-512


Morteza Soltani; Hooshang Asadollah; Mohammad Bagher Jafari; Elham Minavandchal

Providing a Quantitative Model for Management of Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Microelectronics Industry

Pages 513-526


Farshad Hakemzadeh; Hossein Vazifehdoost; Farideh Haghshenas Kashani

Terrain Mapping of LandSat8 Images using MNF and Classifying Soil Properties using Ensemble Modelling

Pages 527-541


K. Lavanya; Ahmed J Obaid; I. Sumaiya Thaseen; Kumar Abhishek; Khushboo Saboo; Rucha Paturkar

Two Efficient Methods For Solving Non-linear Fourth-Order PDEs

Pages 543-546


Huda Omran Altaie