Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2020 
2. Face Recognition by Cognitive Discriminant Features

Pages 7-20

Iman Firouzian; Nematallah Firouzian

8. An Analysis of A Fishing Model with Nonlinear Harvesting Function

Pages 73-80

Elahe Sorouri; Madjid Eshaghi Gordji; Reza Memarbashi

10. Cystoscopic Image Classification Based on Combining MLP and GA

Pages 93-105

Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi; Hamid Hassanpour; Ehsan Kozegar; Tao Tan

12. Woodpecker Mating Algorithm (WMA): a nature-inspired algorithm for solving optimization problems

Pages 137-157

Morteza Karimzadeh Parizi; Farshid Keynia; Amid khatibi Bardsiri

13. Hilbert–Schmidt Frames: Duality, Weaving and Stability

Pages 159-173

Mehdi Choubin; Mohammadbagher Ghaemi; Gwang Hui Kim

16. A new approach for computing the exact solutions of DAEs in generalized Hessenberg forms

Pages 199-206

Mohammad Golchian; mortaza gachpazan; seyed hashem tabasi

18. A Method for Identifying Congestion Using Non-Radial Models in Data Envelopment Analysis

Pages 225-235

Alireza Salehi; F Hosseinzadehlotfi; Mohsen Rostamy-Malkhalifeh

21. Modelling the Cognitive Financial Group Interconnected Risk Network

Pages 259-276

Mahboobeh. Ezzodin; Alireza. Bahiraie; A. K. M. Azhar

22. Diamond-Phi_h dynamics on time scales with an application to economics

Pages 277-290

Fagbemigun Opeyemi; Mogbademu Alao; Olaleru Olajiire

25. A Novel Set of Contextual Features for Web Spam Detection

Pages 321-339

Faeze Asdaghi; Ali Soleimani; Morteza Zahedi

28. Generator maintenance scheduling using discrete firefly algorithm

Pages 367-379

Mohsen Saffarian; Seyed Mahmood Kazemi; Mohammad Baharshahi

32. Designing a Hybrid Model of Data Envelopment Analysis with Taguchi Approach to Optimize Multiple Response Banks Performance

Pages 423-435

Mohammad Reza Jafari; Gholamreza Esmailian; Meysam Jafari Eskandari; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam

36. The new results in extended $b$-metric spaces and applications

Pages 473-482

Zoran Mitrovic; Hüseyin Işık; Stojan Radenovic

40. Proposing a structural equation model for systematic management on incident costs

Pages 525-536

Hossein Rahmani; Mohammadreza Miri Lavasani; Mahnaz Mirza Ebrahim Tehrani; Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi