Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Special Issue ( Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering and Sciences), December 2019 
A new semi-active magnetorheological engine mounts for improving vehicle ride comfort using sliding mode controller

Pages 1-11


J. Marzbanrad; S. S. Hosseini

Existence of non-trivial solutions for fractional Schrödinger-Poisson systems with subcritical growth

Pages 13-23


A. Keyhanfar; S.H. Rasouli; G.A. Afrouzi

Solving The Optimal Control Problems Using Homotopy Perturbation Transform Method

Pages 25-38


M. Alipour; F. Soltanian; J. Vahidi; S. Ghasempour

Prediction of Renewable Energy Production Using Grey Systems Theory

Pages 39-51


D. Darvishi Salookolaei; P. Babaei; S. Heydari gorji

Scheduling Post-Distribution Cross-Dock under Demand Uncertainty

Pages 53-65


M. M. Nasiri; M. Aliakbarnia Omran; F. Jolai

A Numerical Approach for Fractional Optimal Control Problems by Using Ritz Approximation

Pages 67-73


A. Ramezanpour; P. Reihani; J. Vahidi; F. Soltanian

Scalar Product Graphs of Modules

Pages 75-82


M. Nouri Jouybari; Y. Talebi; S. Firouzian

A New Approach for Finding an Optimal Solution for Grey Transportation Problem

Pages 83-95


F. Pourofoghi; J. Saffar Ardabili; D. Darvishi Salokolaei

Solution of Vacuum Field Equation Based on Physics Metrics in Finsler Geometry and Kretschmann Scalar

Pages 97-114


M. Farahmandy Motlagh; A. Behzadi

Customer Validation in Cross-Dock

Pages 115-121


M. Aliakbarnia Omran; F. Jolai

On a class of nonlinear fractional Schrödinger-Poisson systems

Pages 123-132


M. Soluki; S.H. Rasouli; G.A. Afrouzi

On Ideal Elements in Poe-AG-groupoid

Pages 133-140


A. R. Shabani

Developing a Decision Support System for Extracting Knowledge to Improve the Quality of the Production Situation by Focusing on Big Data in Industry

Pages 141-154


Seyed Amin Fahimi; Ebrahim Esmaili

Analytical Solution for the Time Fractional Newell-Whitehead-Segel Equation by Using Modified Residual Power Series Method

Pages 155-167


E Abdolmaleki; H Saberi Najafi

Digital Color Image Encryption Using Cellular Automata and Chaotic Map

Pages 169-177


Hamed Ghazanfaripour; Ali Broumandnia