Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Special Issue for selected papers of ICDACT-2021, March 2022, Pages 1-163 (The link to the conference website is https://vitbhopal.ac.in/event/icdact_dec_21/) 
Global attractivity results for a class of matrix difference equations

Pages 1-15


Sourav Shil; Hemant Kumar Nashine

Solutions of integral equations via fixed point results in extended Branciari b-distance spaces

Pages 17-29


Usha Bag; Reena Jain

Results on coupled common fixed point by applying a new approach of $Y$-cone metric spaces

Pages 31-42


Richa Sharma; Virendra Singh Chouhan; Rahul Shukla

Redefined neutrosophic composite relation and its application in medical diagnosis

Pages 43-52


Sudeep Dey; Gautam Chandra Ray

Efficient binary grasshopper optimization based neural network algorithm for bitcoin value prediction

Pages 53-60


A. Saran Kumar; S. Priyanka; K. Dhanashree; V. Praveen; R. Rekha

Fingernail analysis for early detection and diagnosis of diseases using machine learning techniques

Pages 61-69


K. Dhanashree; P. Jayabal; A. Saran Kumar; S. Logeswari; K. Ranjeetha Priya

Feature fusion of fruit image categorization using machine learning

Pages 71-76


Shameem Fatima; M. Seshashayee

Results on coupled fixed point involving altering distances in metric spaces

Pages 77-87


Richa Sharma; Ruchika Mehta; Virendra Singh Chouhan

Comparative performance analysis of various digital image edge detection techniques with hybrid edge detection technique which is developed by combining second order derivative techniques log and Canny

Pages 89-95


Pratima Dubey; Prashant Kumar Dubey; Mayank Sharma; Soni Changlani

Best proximity point theorem in higher dimensions with an application

Pages 97-108


Saranan Mondal; Supriti Laha; Ankush Chanda

Strong bi-ideals in bi-near subtraction semigroup

Pages 109-116


M. Fareeda Banu; S. Jayalakshmi

Comparative performance analysis of spatial domain filtering techniques in digital image processing for removing different types of noise

Pages 117-125


Prashant Kumar Dubey; Pratima Dubey; Mayank Sharma; Soni Changlani

On weak $B$-bi-regular bi-near subtraction semigroup

Pages 127-132


M. Fareeda Banu; S. Jayalakshmi

A novel numerical technique and stability criterion of VF type integro-differential equations of non-integer order

Pages 133-145


Dipankar Saha; Nimai Sarkar; Mausumi Sen; Subhankar Saha

Thermal analysis on two Wheeler Piston with different materials by using FEA method

Pages 147-155


Neha Choubey; Ashish Kumar Shrivastava; Abhishek Choubey; Swapnil Singh; Balendra Bhaskar

Fixed point theory in digital topology

Pages 157-163


R. Kalaiarasi; Reena Jain