Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 3, March 2024, Pages 1-375 
Inequalities of Simpson-type for twice-differentiable convex functions via conformable fractional integrals

Pages 1-10


Fatih Hezenci; Hasan Kara; Huseyin Budak

A non-monotone Hestenes-Stiefel conjugate gradient algorithm for nonsmooth convex optimization

Pages 11-20


Ahmad Abouyee Mehrizi; Reza Ghanbari

Performance investigation of different optical filters on the OFDM system with QAM modulations

Pages 21-32


Rusul Hameed Kahdum; Ali Hasan Khidir; Thanaa Hussein Abd

Evaluating the systemic risk of financial institutions present in the stock market (banks) using the main risk assessment criteria and analyzing the factors affecting it

Pages 33-44


Hamidreza Hosseinzadeh; Mirfeiz Fallah Shams; Hamidreza Kordlouie; Reza Gholami Jamkarani

Presenting a multi-objective linear programming mathematical model of a resilient and sustainable supply chain with an emphasis on environmental factors with a robust optimization approach

Pages 45-63


Peyman Taebi; Mahmoud Modiri; Seyyed Mohammad Ali khatami Firouzabadi; Ali Mohtashami

An analysis of network governance theories with an emphasis on the requirements and challenges of the health system of Iran

Pages 65-78


Fattah Sharifzadeh; Hamed Soleimani; Davood Hosseinpour; Ali Seyed Naghavi

Costs of quality assurance in the German medical market

Pages 79-90


Majid Tehrani

Common fixed points for hybrid pair of generalized non-expensive mappings by a three-step iterative scheme

Pages 91-102


Fayyaz Rouzkard; Mohammad Imdad

Designing a model for the realization of social justice according to the sixth development program of article 78 with the structural equation modeling

Pages 103-118


Parima Beidaghi; Sedighe Tootian Esfahani; Nazanin Pilevari; Hasan Rangriz

Econometric model for estimation of equity risk premium in Iran

Pages 119-124


Seyed Yaghoub Zeraatkish; Laleh Chehreh; Leila Otadi; Sasan Ahadi

Improving image segmentation using artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms

Pages 125-140


Mohammadreza Fadavi Amiri; Maral Hosseinzadeh; Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi

How could supplier development activities increase buying firm performance?

Pages 141-154


Abdolnaser Derakhshan; Hway Boon Ong; Govindan Marthandan

Designing the behavioral pattern of political intelligence of organizational employees in the development of competitiveness

Pages 155-172


Amirhossein Amirkhani; Mohammad Khadim Alizadeh; Reza Rasouli

Designing and validating a model for analyzing determinants of transcendent trust in Tehran Municipality: A society-centered versus institution-centered approach

Pages 173-192


Mohammad Hosein Omrani Sabaghi; Mohammad Ataee; Gholamreza Memarzadeh Tehran; Mahmood Modiri

Multiple solutions for a class of nonlinear elliptic equations on Carnot groups

Pages 193-199


Shapour Heidarkhani; Ahmad Ghobadi

Effect of employer insurance premium rate on operating profit per share and change in net sales revenue in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 201-210


Vahid Faghanizadeh; Farid Askari; Bamdad Partovi

Identifying the factors affecting the job regeneration of employees in the social security organization using Grounded theory and structural equation model

Pages 211-220


Seyyed Mahmoud Mirzajani; Amir Babak Marjani; Jamshid Salehi Sadaghyani

The effect of companies' debt structure and investment on the financial distress of companies admitted to the Tehran stock exchange

Pages 221-228


Dariush Farhadi Kashkooli; Mohsen Ahmadi

Application of machine learning to predict daylight glare probability

Pages 229-236


Seyedeh Tabassom Beykaei; Fatemeh Mozaffari Ghadikolaei; Abdollah Ebrahimi

Identifying indicators and factors affecting consumers' purchase intention of cosmeceutical masks through content analysis and the Delphi technique

Pages 237-260


Hamed Zare; Shahnaz Nayebzadeh; Abolfazl Davodi Roknabdi; Seyyed Hassan Hatami-Nasab

Towards smart sustainable cities vision and challenges

Pages 261-274


Mohamed Wahba Ibrahim Khalil; Mohamed Atef Elhamy Kamel

The model for measurment of the impact concerning the economic policy uncertainty on the tax capacity of e-commerce

Pages 275-297


Mostafa Pahlavan; Fatemeh Sarraf; Mohammadreza Asgari; Roya Darabi

Monitoring and measuring the health of the administrative system and fighting corruption in the headquarters of the ministry of economic affairs and finance

Pages 299-303


Zain al-Abidin Hosseinnejad Moziraji; Sanjar Salajeghe; Samaneh Mehdizadeh; Mohammad Jalal Kamali; Navid Fatehi Rad

The q-analog of Kostant's partition function for $\mathfrak{sl_\textrm{4}(\mathbb{C})} $ and $\mathfrak{sp_\textrm{6}(\mathbb{C})}$

Pages 305-314


Ebrahim Shahi; Hasan Refaghat; Yadollah Marefat

Dynamic modeling for improving investment in the agricultural sector of the country

Pages 315-327


Tara Nikandam Modabber; Maryam Ooshaksaraie; Mahdi Fadaei Ashkiki; Keyhan Azadi Hir; Mohammadreza Vatanparast

Prioritization of factors affecting the exit from the bankruptcy of companies listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 329-336


Fatemeh Sahraei; Jafar Jamali; Hamid Reza Vakilifard; Ali Zare; Seyed Yaghoub Zeraatkish

Designing a mental model of date export barriers

Pages 337-350


Naser Sharifi; Fereydoun Omidi; Reza Yosefi Hajiabad

Investigating the effect of financing cost on the reliability of financial statements of companies active in the Tehran stock exchange

Pages 351-356


Najme Habib; Mohammad Mehdi Abbasian; Abbas Alipour Aghajan

R-norm entropy for partitions of algebraic structures and dynamical systems

Pages 357-369


Haji Mohammad Hosein Zarenezhad; Javad Jamalzadeh

A note on different conditions of the unique solvability for the absolute value equation

Pages 371-375


Rakesh Kumar; Amar Deep; Shubham Kumar