Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 4, April 2024, Pages 1-347 
A remark on the Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of $n$-Jordan $*$-homomorphisms on $C^*$-algebras

Pages 1-9


Ismail Nikoufar

A meshfree regularization method for recovering a time-dependent Robin coefficient in one-dimensional transient heat conduction

Pages 11-22


Kamal Rashedi; Fatemeh Baharifard

Machine learning support to provide an intelligent credit risk model for banks' real customers

Pages 23-42


Hojjat Tajik; Ghodratollah Talebnia; Hamid Reza Vakilifard; Faegh Ahmadi

Using the Q method to detect the mental patterns of fanatic consumers of luxury brands

Pages 43-49


Ramin Bagheri; Mahdi Naimi Nezamabad; Abdolaziz Phaghe

A meta-analysis of the factors affecting the banking industry’s profitability using the CMA software

Pages 51-64


Shapour Rahmani; Soleyman Iranzadeh; Yaqhoub Alavimatin

Present a mixed approach of neural network and bat algorithm to predict customer demand in the supply chain to reduce the Bullwhip effect

Pages 65-78


Milad Rezaeefard; Nazanin Pilevari; Farshad Faezy Razi

Using physical models to generate creative ideas for architecture students

Pages 79-84


Mohamed Atef Elhamy Kamel; Mohamed Wahba Ibrahim Khalil

Providing a model for market share development based on strategies to enter international markets with foundational data and hierarchical analysis

Pages 77-93


Saeed Khodaee; Edris Mahmoodi; Ghasem Bakhshadeh

Providing an optimal integrated model of the chicken supply chain based on the human resource management approach

Pages 95-110


Omidreza Ali Hosseini; Hamidreza Rezaee Kelidbari; Mehrdad Goudarzvand Chegini

Stability analysis and adaptive tracking control for a class of switched nonlinear systems based on a nonlinear disturbance observe

Pages 111-124


Masoud - Bagherzadeh; Zahra Rahmani

Designing and explaining the cause marketing model in the dairy food industry

Pages 125-134


Razieh Ahangar sole boni; Seyed Kamran Nourbakhsh; Vahidreza Mirabi; Yahya Khonsari

The effectiveness of Cialdini's principles on persuasion in digital marketing (A case study of Iran's furniture industry)

Pages 135-148


Bahman Naruoei; Hossein Hakimpour; Mehdi Mahmoodzadeh Vashshan; Mohammad Mohammadi

The gold market bubble and its contagion to the stock market

Pages 149-158


Vahid Mohammadi; Mir Feyz Fallah Shams; Gholamreza Zomorodian

Providing an open innovation model for high-tech startups in the unit of industries related to information technology

Pages 159-172


Firoozeh Nafisi; Reza Mohammad Kazemi

An efficient RBF-FD method using polyharmonic splines alongside polynomials for the numerical solution of two-dimensional PDEs held on irregular domains and subject to Dirichlet and Robin boundary conditions

Pages 173-184


Asghar Rahimi; Elyas Shivanian

Validation of the internationalization model of small and medium-sized industries with marketing innovation: Emphasizing the mediating role of market orientation in the direction of the prosperity of the leather industry market, focusing on the East Azerbaijan region

Pages 185-193


Aiyoub Jedari Sefidgari; Sirous Fakhimi Azar; Mohammad Faryabi; Yaghob Alavi Matin

Explaining the pattern of using experiential marketing in building tourism dreams

Pages 195-202


Omid ZamanPour; Leila Andervazh; Kiumars Arya

Designing a model to create a suitable platform in order to maintain human capital and increase the productivity of the organization in the central building of Iran Oil Company

Pages 203-208


Saam Sepehri; Sanjar Salajeghe; Hamid Reza Mollaiy; Saeed Sayadi; Zahra Shokoh

Presenting a human resource auditing model with the approach of functional and macro level strategies in hospitals affiliated to social security organization

Pages 209-216


Somayeh Poursoltani Zarandi; Malikeh Beheshtifar; Amin Nikpour

Calculation of cartesian internal molecular coordinates

Pages 217-220


Arezo Moradi; Aida Azuji

Description concerning the measurement model for tax avoidance in private companies, effective factors and the relationships between them based on interpretive structural modeling

Pages 221-336


Reza Malekinejad Kheimeh Seri; Hassan Ghodrati Ghazaani; Ali Akbar Farzinfar; Hossein Jabbari

Designing and validating a dynamic, responsive and competitive structure model for the railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Pages 237-249


Farshad Zadkhor; Mohammad Reza Rostami; Akbar Alemtabriz

Heterogeneous task allocation in mobile crowd sensing using a modified approximate policy approach

Pages 251-264


Zohreh Vahedi; Seyyed Javad Mahdavi Chabok; Gelareh Veisi

Portfolio design and optimization within the framework of the Markov chain

Pages 265-273


Ali Nabiyan; Forozan Baktash; Sayyed Mohammad Reza Davoodi

Chimp optimization algorithm to optimize a convolution neural network for skin detection in HVS and RGB images

Pages 275-284


Sara Khosravi

Factors of business growth and leap in the Iranian commercial banking system with emphasis on the role of moderators

Pages 285-292


Abozar Yadollahi; Parviz Saeedi; Arash Naderian; Jomadoordi Gorganli davaji

The role of information behavior in financial reporting (With an emphasis on information entropy theory)

Pages 293-309


Mohammad Zamani; Asgar Pakmaram; Nader Rezaei; Rasoul Abdi

Impact of exchange rates and inflation on GDP: A data panel approach consistent with data from Iran, Iraq and Turkey

Pages 311-325


Babak Najafi Bousari; Beitollah Akbari Moghadam; Arash Hadizadeh Mirkelaei; Neda Bayat

The challenge of life and identity: Game theory and Pinter's dramatic menace

Pages 327-337


Saeid Rahimipour

The numerical solution of the nonlinear system of stiff differential equations by the modified matrix-exponential method

Pages 339-347


Mohammad Fattahi; Mashallah Matinfar