Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 11, November 2023, Pages 1-373 
Coefficient bounds for a generalized subclass of bounded turning functions associated with Sigmoid function

Pages 1-10


Gagandeep Singh; Gurcharanjit Singh

Solving fractional two-dimensional nonlinear weakly singular partial integro-differential equation by using Fibonacci polynomials

Pages 11-24


Isa Zamanpour; Reza Ezzati

Presenting a method based on automatic image annotation techniques for the semantic recovery of images using artificial neural networks

Pages 25-39


Bita Amirshahi

Identification Technological capabilities factors and comparison in internal development with under license projects in Iran automotive industry by using Fuzzy Delphi, DANP & TOPSIS analytical methods

Pages 41-51


Hamidreza Taghavinejad Deilami; Mohamad Hassan Cheraghali; Saber Khandan Alamdari

Differential subordinations and superordinations result for analytic univalent functions using the Darus-Faisal operator

Pages 53-61


Mohammed Abduljaleel Habeeb; Waggas Galib Atshan

Providing an electronic marketing model in digital banking in Iran

Pages 63-74


Faranak Afshinmehr; Hamidreza Saeednia; Zahra Alipour Darvishi; Mansoureh Aligholi

Prioritizing the factors affecting the promotion of customers’ attitude towards organic food products by employing the technique of fuzzy AHP

Pages 75-89


Hadi Kheirollahi; Houshang Taghizadeh

The effect of the characteristics of the board of directors on the accounting financial criteria

Pages 91-100


Mahsa Saremi nia; Habibollah Nakhaei; Zohreh Hajiha

Numerical solution of the Gardner equation using quartic B-spline collocation method

Pages 101-113


Naser Azizi; Reza Pourgholi

Some Wardowski-Mizogochi-Takahashi-Type generalizations of the multi-valued version of Darbo's fixed point theorem with applications

Pages 115-125


Babak Mohammadi; Vahid Parvaneh; Hasan Hosseinzadeh

Structural equation modeling of consequences of organizational anomie

Pages 127-138


Mohammad Reza Rahimi Zarchi; Malikeh Beheshtifar; Hossein Kazemi

Identifying and ranking the main components of environmental auditing to monitor the executive organs of the country

Pages 139-152


Abolfazl Darehzereshki; Forough Heirany; Akram Taftiyan

Designing and explaining the teamwork assignment model for new product development with a focus on improving the level of productivity

Pages 153-168


Leila Khosravi; Massoud Kassaee; Akbar Alem Tabriz

The role of the characteristics of the auditing firm and the auditing firm in explaining the risk at the level of the accounts in key audit topics

Pages 169-180


Ehsan Heshmatzadeh; Amir Hossein Jamali; Alireza Momeni

A new subclass of univalent holomorphic functions based on $q$-analogue of Noor operator

Pages 181-189


Seyed Hadi Sayedain Boroujeni; Shahram Najafzadeh; Ismail Nikoufar

Design and validation of marketing audit model of fixed internet provider companies

Pages 191-206


Mehdi Mohsenipour Golmaghani; Bahram Kheiri; Mehdi Karimizand

Value of financial flexibility and quantitative aspects of net working capital: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 207-217


Maryam Karimi; Rasoul Karami; Mehdi Basirat; Allah Karam Salehi

Designing and explaining the employer brand reinforcement model of Tejarat Bank to Attract and retain human resources (A mixed-method approach)

Pages 219-232


Fatemeh Borjinia; Behzad Mashali; Naser Askari

The essential of applying nonlinear-analysis to validate experiments, assessing superior brain functions: Case-study of a Bayesian-Model of inhibitory control in ADHD

Pages 233-239


Fateme Samea; Vahid Nejati; Madjid Eshaghi Gordji; Reza Khosrowabadi

Presenting a multi-objective model to develop depot location through particle swarm optimization algorithm in Artawheel Tire Company

Pages 271-286


Hojatollah Derakhshan; Hassan Mehrmanesh; Arefeh Fadavi Asghari

Identifying and ranking qualitative and quantitative factors of influential venture capital on optimizing the capital structure of knowledge-based companies

Pages 257-270


Vahid Godarzi; Mohammad Mashhadizadeh; Mohammad Reza Sayyed Davoodi

Application of graph theory and canonical forms in reliability analysis of symmetric structures

Pages 241-249


Ali Asghar Bagheri; Alireza Mortezaei; Mohammad Ali Sayarinejad

Towards new conceptual for architectural technologies (Lessons learned from Olympic Buildings)

Pages 251-256


Haider L. Muhsun; Abd Al-hussein Abdali Al-Askary

Quantitative analysis of thermal behavior and ventilation in the buildings of schools in the temperate and humid climate of Rasht city

Pages 287-298


Sobhan Roshanfekr Jourshari; Zahra Sadat Saeideh Zarabadi

Solving optimal control problems governed by a fractional differential equation using the Lagrange matrix operator

Pages 299-308


Raad M. Kadum; M. Mahmoudi

Evaluating the effective factors of sustainable management on company performance

Pages 309-322


Roya Zamani

Assessing tax differences caused by the mismatch of tax evasion and tax, inventory and financing policies

Pages 323-331


Amer Rahnama; Mojtaba Maleki Chubari; Sina Kheradyar

Transport network traffic management and urban travel demand to reduce air pollution (Case study: Shiraz)

Pages 333-342


Mohammad Bagheri; Hossein Ghafourian; Morteza Kashefioasl; Mohammad Taghi Sadatipour; Mohammad Rabbani

Characterization of n-exact sequence of n-additive categories

Pages 343-364


Feysal Hassani; Samira Hashemi; Rasul Rasuli

Metric dimension and neighbourhood resolving set for the zero divisor graphs of order at most 10 of a small finite commutative ring

Pages 365-373


Shamsudheen P V; Shahida A T