Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages 1-377 
A new way to obtain fixed point functions using the grey wolf optimizer algorithm

Pages 1-7


Sayyed Masood Zekavatmand; Javad Vahidi; Mohammad Bagher Ghaemi

Study of Langmuir waves for Zakharov equation using Sardar sub-equation method

Pages 9-18


Hamood Ur Rehman; Azka Habib; Kashif Ali Abro; Dr. Aziz Ullah Awan

A modified imperialist competitive algorithm for solving nonlinear programming problems subject to mixed fuzzy relation equations

Pages 19-32


Ali Abbasi Molai; Hassan Dana Mazraeh

New approaches for solving Caputo time-fractional nonlinear system of equations describing the unsteady flow of a polytropic gas

Pages 33-46


Ali Khalouta

Using Hadoop to analyze big data for multiple purposes: An applied study according to the Map-Reduce model

Pages 47-62


Shereen Sh. Ahmed; Delveen L. Abd Al-Nabi

Stability of maximum preserving in multi-Banach lattice by fixed point method with some of homogeneity properties

Pages 63-71


Nafiseh Salehi

The effects of macroeconomic (monetary, fiscal, and exchange rate) and trade policies on indicators of sustainable development in Iran

Pages 73-86


Maryam Eftekharipour; Kazem Yavari; Abbas Alavi Rad

The use of ARIMA, ANN and SVR models in time series hybridization with practical application

Pages 87-102


Noor Saleem Mohammed Ali; Firas Ahmed Mohammed

The effect of weight control and weighing method of efficiency in data envelopment analysis

Pages 103-112


Monavar Karbalaie Alillou; Behrouz Daneshian; Farzin Modarres Khiyabani; Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi

Asymptotic behavior of a radical quadratic functional equation in quasi-β-Banach spaces

Pages 113-120


Muaadh Almahalebi; Abdellatif Chahbi

A proposed 3-stage CNN classification model based on augmentation and denoising

Pages 121-140


Mohanad Azeez Joodi; Muna Hadi Saleh; Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim

Identification and prioritization of determinants of the interaction between lean production management stakeholders ``Case study: The National Iranian Oil Company"

Pages 141-152


Aziz Zobeidi; Abdolhossein Neysi; Tahmoures Sohrabi

Space-time Muntz spectral collocation approach for parabolic Volterra integro-differential equations with a singular kernel

Pages 153-162


Bahareh Sadeghi; Mohammad Maleki; Homa Almasieh

Comparison processors spectral analysis concentrations for aromatic compounds using the application of mathematical models

Pages 163-173


Nadheer J. Mohammed; Zeyad Al-Ibadi; Al-Zubadi Sura

Provide an audit quality model based on general health, spiritual intelligence and auditor's locus of control with the structural equation modeling approach

Pages 175-187


Roghaieh Hassanpour Labeshka; Mohmmad Reza Pourali; Iraj Shakerinia; Mahmoud Samadi largani

New subclasses of Ozaka's convex functions

Pages 189-199


Mohammad Ali Abolfathi

The effect of FRP characteristics on the behavior of square columns under eccentric loads

Pages 201-211


Hiwa Noamani; Arash Sayari

Effective classification of medical images using image segmentation and machine learning

Pages 213-221


Shahab Kareem; Farah Sami khoshabaa; Havall Muhssin Mohammad

The application of tensor ring and tensor train completion to image recovery

Pages 223-230


Hamid Reza Yazdani; Alireza Shojaeifard; Mohsen Sahrezai

Some fixed point theorems on algebraic cone metric spaces

Pages 231-243


Alireza Bagheri Salec

Analytical solutions of the nonlinear Ivancevic options pricing model

Pages 245-259


Usaamah Obaidullah; Sameerah Jamal

Investigating the effect of emotional intelligence on the relationship between self-interpretation and auditor objectivity

Pages 261-272


Mojtaba Mirza Aghaei; Behruz Khodarahmi; Hossein Jabbary; Meysam Arabzadeh; Mohammad Alipour

An example for the nonstability of multicubic mappings

Pages 273-277


Abasalt Bodaghi

A new approach to generalize metric functions

Pages 279-298


Abhishikta Das; Anirban Kundu; Tarapada Bag

Present the policy model of Iranian saffron export marketing management

Pages 299-311


Kamal Mohammadian; Reza Shafei; Mostafa Rezaeerad; Tohfe Ghobadi Lamoki; Kambiz Hamidi

An investigation of dynamic behavior of coupled steel plate shear walls using cross stiffener under uniform load

Pages 313-325


Mohammad Khaghani; Mohammad Reza Adib Ramezani; Abbas Akbarpour

Use of learning methods for gender and age classification based on front shot face images

Pages 327-342


Hussein Razak Hayawi; Alyaa Al-Barrak

The effect of economic growth and misery index on income inequality in Iran (Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL))

Pages 343-351


Salman Sotoudeh Nia Korrani; Amin Ziya

Solving partial-differential algebraic equations with the fifth-Order Meshless Petrov-Galerkin Method by CS-RBFS interpolation

Pages 353-367


Azam Noorafkan Zanjani; Saeid Abbasbandy; Fahimeh Soltanian

Amenability properties of vector-valued function algebras

Pages 369-377


Farkhonda Shaban; Mortaza Abtahi; Mohammad Ramezanpour