Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2023 
F-contractions fixed point results in extended rectangular b-metric space

Pages 1-10

Mittal K. Patel; Jaita Sharma; Gunamani M. Deheri

On fixed point approximation method for finite family of $k$-strictly pseudo-contractive mappings and pseudomonotone equilibrium problem in Hadamard space.

Pages 11-24

Hammed Anuoluwapo Abass; Kazeem Oewole; Kazeem Olalekan Aremu; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Ojen Kumar Narain

On the Fekete-Szego problem associated with generalized fractional operator

Pages 25-32

Ammar S. Issa; Maslina Darus

$(G,\psi)$-Ciric-Reich-Rus contraction on metric space endowed with a graph

Pages 33-38

Shahram Mirzaee; Madjid Eshaghi Gordji

Designing a model of effective factors in the failure of manufacturing contracts in the field of oil and gas: Using the AHP technique

Pages 39-55

Arash Sayari; ali Rahimi; Herash Soltanpanah; Salar Maniei

Using many objective bat algorithm for solving many-objective nonlinear functions

Pages 57-65

Saja Ayad; Iraq T. Abass

A new general integral transform for solving Caputo fractional-order differential equations

Pages 67-78

Ali Khalouta

Provide a model for attracting and hiring competency-based manpower based on structural equations in the social security organization

Pages 79-93

Somayeh Eskandari; Hadi Hemtian; Abolfazl Danaei

On the set of Gateaux differentiability of the $L^1$ norm

Pages 95-100

Julio Cesar Delgado Valencia; Andres Felipe Munoz-Tello

Different types of dominating sets of the discrete topological graph

Pages 101-108

Mays K. Idan; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

Investigating the effect of Individual and psychological factors affecting investors' decision making except for investing in the stock exchange using Dematel method

Pages 109-119

Mehdi Saemi Pour; Naghi Fazeli; Khosro Faghani Makrani

Pascal distribution series and its applications on parabolic starlike functions with positive coefficients

Pages 121-130

Murugusundaramoorthy Gangadharan

Meir-Keeler-type results on quasi-$b_v(s)$-metric spaces with new control functions

Pages 131-145

Leta Bekere Kumssa

Impact of exchange rates and inflation on GDP: A data panel approach consistent with data from Iran, Iraq and Turkey

Pages 147-161

Babak Najafi Bousari; Beitollah Akbari Moghadam; Arash Hadizadeh; Neda bayat

On various types of cone metric spaces and some applications in fixed point theory

Pages 163-184

Sahar Mohamed Ali Abou Bakr

Kamal transform technique for solving system of linear Volterra integro-differential equations of the second kind

Pages 185-192

Zainab Rustam; Nejmaddin Sulaiman

Generalized Euler-Lagrange (m,n)-cubic functional equation and its stability

Pages 193-204

Matina J. Rassias; P. Narasimman; Choonkil Park; Jung Rye Lee

Providing a pricing model for independent auditing assurance services in Iran by a combination method of qualitative fuzzy Delphi and fuzzy demitel

Pages 205-227

Mosarreza Zanganeh; Jomadoordi Gorganli davaji; Arash Naderian; Maryam Bokharaian

A generalization to parametric metric spaces

Pages 229-244

Abhishikta Das; Tarapada Bag

Penalized least squares optimization problem for high-dimensional data

Pages 245-250

Mahdi Roozbeh; M Maanavi; Nur Anisah Mohamed

Comparison between OMA and PD-NOMA in wireless MIMO system with optimized downlink power allocation

Pages 251-262

Zaid Hashim Jaber; Dheyaa Jasim Kadhim; Ahmed S. Al-Araji

The optimal control of an evolutionary boundary value problem

Pages 263-274

Aissa Benseghir; Hamid Benseridi; Mourad Dilmi

Solving NP hard problems using a new genetic algorithm

Pages 275-285

Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi; Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi; Mohammad Mirabi; Mohammad Taghi Honari; Abolfazl Sadeghian

Haar wavelet based numerical method for solving proportional delay variant of Dirichlet boundary value problems

Pages 287-298

Basharat Hussain; Ahmad Afroz; Abdullah Abdullah

Survey on intrusion detection system based on analysis concept drift: Status and future directions

Pages 299-307

Nora Sabah Salman; Amer Abdulmajeed Abdulrahman

General bivariational inclusions and iterative methods

Pages 309-324

Muhammad Aslam Noor; Khalida Inayat Noor

Conceptualization of technological innovation model in factoryless manufacturing in Iran

Pages 325-343

Aida Pooryanasab; Taghi Torabi; Reza Radfar

Notion of non-absolute family of spaces

Pages 345-354

Mashael M. Albaidani; Hari M. Srivastava; Abdul Hamid Ganie

Novel nature-inspired meta-heuristic optimization algorithm based on hybrid dolphin and sparrow optimization

Pages 355-373

Shahab Wahhab Kareem; Amin Salih Mohammed; Farah Sami Khoshabaa

On new generalization of Fejer type inequalities for double integrals

Pages 375-391

Hasan Kara; Huseyin Budak; Muhammad Aamir Ali

Providing a behavioral model of mental accounting decision-making based on psychological components through data theory and meta-composition

Pages 393-408

Mohsen Dadashi; Asgar Pakmaram; Nader Rezaei; Rasoul Abdi

On a wave equation containing nonlinear integral terms: Existence and asymptotic expansion of solutions

Pages 409-435

Le Thi Mai Thanh; Nguyen Huu Nhan; Le Thi Phuong Ngoc

Existence and multiplicity of global classical solutions for approximate long water wave (ALWW) equations

Pages 437-450

Riyadh Azib; Svetlin Georgiev; Arezki Kheloufi; Karima Mebarki

The effect of extreme values on Lomax distribution estimators with simulation

Pages 451-458

Aseel Noori Saleh

Importance-performance analysis (IPA) of banking factors affecting the improvement of business environment and prevention of corporate bankruptcy through the IPA model

Pages 459-471

Hemat Mansouri Rad; Bagher Bagherian

Growth of solutions to complex linear differential equations in which the coefficients are analytic functions except at a finite singular point

Pages 473-483

Abdelkader Dahmani; Benharrat Belaidi

L-Normal fuzzy filters of a distributive lattice

Pages 485-493

Wondwosen Zemene Norahun; Gezahagne Mulat Addis; Teferi Getachew Alemayehu; Dereje Kifle Boku

Fixed point theorems for modified generalized F-contraction and F-expansion of Wardowski kind via the notion of $\psi$−fixed point

Pages 495-504

Sahil Arora

Evaluation of the use of business process reengineering (BPR) for improving business-IT alignment by utilizing the intelligent decision support system (IDSS)

Pages 505-517

Shima Nargesi; Ghassem Ali Bazaee

Some coefficient problems of a class of close-to-star functions of type $\alpha$ defined by means of a generalized differential operator

Pages 519-526

Ayotunde Olajide Lasode; Aminat Olabisi Ajiboye; Rasheed Olawale Ayinla

Rock facies classification and its effect on the estimation of original oil in place based on petrophysical properties data

Pages 527-540

Ahmed K. AlHusseini; Sameera Hamd-Allah

Approximation of common fixed points of a finite family of total asymptotically demicontraction semigroup

Pages 541-555

Austine Efut Ofem; Donatus Ikechi Igbokwe

Designing a human resource productivity model with a system dynamics approach in the health sector

Pages 557-573

Leila Baibordy; Alireza Bafandeh Zendeh; Samad Aali

Fixed point results for fuzzy mappings in F-metric spaces

Pages 575-584

Alaa Kamal; Asmaa M. Abd-Elal

Constructing exact solutions to systems of reaction-diffusion equations

Pages 585-595

Mathew O. Aibinu; S. Moyo

Symmetric fuzzy approach to solve complementary multi-objective linear fractional programming problem

Pages 597-602

Maher A. Nawkhass; Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman

Notes on f-hom-ders associated with a system of additive functional equations in unital algebras

Pages 603-612

Choonkil Park; Jedsada Senasukh

New algorithm for robot localization based on BrunsVigia optimization algorithm

Pages 613-621

Manizheh GhaemiDizaji; Chitra Dadkhah

Generalization of the Titchmarsh’s theorem for the second Hankel-Clifford transformation

Pages 623-628

Mohamed El Hamma; Daher Radouan; Ayoub Mahfoud

Fixed point theorems in intuitionistic fuzzy $b$-metric like spaces

Pages 629-641

Khalil Ahmed; Khalil Javed; Fahim Uddin; Umar Ishtiaq

On binomial transform of the generalized Jacobsthal-Padovan numbers

Pages 643-666

Yuksel Soykan; Erkan Taşdemir; Nejla Ozmen

A DWT-ANC error entropy criterion based single-channel EEG signal EOG noise reduction

Pages 667-677

Hashem Abdollahniya; Ali Akbar Khazaei; Mahdi Azarnoosh

Face mask detection based on algorithm YOLOv5s

Pages 679-697

Mohammed S. H. Al-Tamimi; Firas Amer Mohammed Ali

Second-order evolution problems by time and state-dependent maximal monotone operators and set-valued perturbations

Pages 699-715

Soumia Saidi

Some inequalities for the growth of rational functions with prescribed poles

Pages 717-722

Nisar Ahmad Rather; Mohmmad Shafi Wani; Aijaz Ahmad Bhat

Designing and explaining the IoT commercialization model in Iranian organizations (Telecommunication Company of Iran): An interpretive structural modeling (ISM) approach

Pages 723-738

Davood Adib; Hossein Safarzadeh; Mahmood Mohammadi

Parameter estimation for the generalized exponential distribution in the presence of interval censored data and covariate

Pages 739-751

Hussein Ali AL-Hakeem; Jayanthi Arasan; Mohd Shafie Bin Mustafa; Lim Fong Peng

Evolving trees for detecting android malware using evolutionary learning

Pages 753-761

Waheed Fadel Waheed; Hasanen Alyasiri

Fixed points for weakly contractive mappings in rectangular $b$-metric spaces

Pages 763-783

Mohamed Rossafi; Abdelkarim Kari

Efficient recommendations in collaborative filtering recommender system: A multi-objective evolutionary approach based on NSGA-II algorithm

Pages 785-804

Touraj Mohammadpour; Amir Massoud Bidgoli; Rasul Enayatifar; Hamid Haj Seyyed Javadi

Transient thermoelastic bending analysis of a rectangular plate with a simply supported edge under heat source: Green's function approach

Pages 805-818

Kishor R Gaikwad; Yogesh U Naner; Satish G Khavale

Influence of MHD and porous media on peristaltic transport for nanofluids in an asymmetric channel for different types of walls

Pages 819-832

Qabas K. Jawad; Ahmed M. Abdulhadi

Henstock-Kurzweil-Stieltjes-$\Diamond $-double integral for Gronwall-Bellman's type lemma on time scales

Pages 833-841

David Adebisi Afariogun; Adesanmi Alao Mogbademu

Adaptive trainer for multi-layer perceptron using artificial gorilla troops optimizer algorithm

Pages 843-852

Tuqa Ali Mohamed; Muntadher Khamees Mustafa

Subclasses of κ--uniformly starlike and κ--uniformly Convex functions associated with Pascal distribution series

Pages 853-863

B.A Frasin; Gangadharan Murugusundaramoorthy; Teodor Bulboacă

Some existence and uniqueness results of a houseflies model with a delay depending on time and state

Pages 865-876

Lynda Mezghiche; Rabah Khemis; Ahleme Bouakkaz

Diffeological gyrogroups

Pages 877-885

Akbar Dehghan Nezhad; Shiva Fatehi Boroujenib; Alireza Ahmadi

Analysis of aberrant vocalization and its causes as potential early detection indicators for children with autism

Pages 887-902

Ali Fadhil Rashid; Shimaa H. Shaker

Optimal control strategies and cost effectiveness analysis of Pneumonia disease with drug resistance

Pages 903-917

Fikru Shiferaw Tessema; Boka Kumsa Bole; Purnachandra Koya Rao

Factors affecting the detection of fraud in financial statements using structural equation modeling

Pages 919-926

Fatemeh Khalili Somarin; Mehdi Khalilpour; Javad Ramezani

Fear effect on a delayed intraguild predation model with the ratio-dependent functional response

Pages 927-940

S. Magudeeswaran; S. Vinoth; K. Sathiyanathan; Kantapon Chaisena

Identifying the infection rate of covid-19 and using artificial intelligence to distinguish between covid-19 and pneumonia

Pages 941-951

Rusul Saad Alsabea; Asaad Noori Hashim

Factors affecting financial statements proportional to entrepreneurial marketing using fuzzy Delphi method and structural equation model (Case study: National Company of South-Ahvaz Oilfields

Pages 953-963

Amir Mohsen Rastgegar; Ali Kiamehr

Fixed point results for generalized $(\alpha,\psi,\varphi)$-Geraghty contraction in b-metric spaces

Pages 965-977

Mustefa Abduletif; Kidane Koyas; Solomon Gebregiorgis Teweldemedhin

Some new results on zero near rings

Pages 979-985

Ehab A. Hussein; Sinan O. Alsalihi

A numerical approach for solving a class of nonlinear fractional integro- differential equation with weakly Singular kernel by alternative legendary polynomials

Pages 987-1003

Reza Ezzati; M. A Ebadi

Solution of time fractional Swift-Hohenberg equation by Aboodh transform homotopy perturbation method

Pages 1005-1013

Haresh P. Jani; Twinkle R Singh

On generalization and refinements of weighted Majorization theorem, Favard and Berwald inequalities

Pages 1015-1026

Asif R. Khan; Syed Sikander Shirazi

Factors affecting the identification and prioritization of export industrial clusters of Iran to the eurasian economic union (case study: Gilan province)

Pages 1027-1045

Ramin Yousefzadeh; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Yaghob Alavimatin; Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

Additive and quadratic set-valued $k$-functional inequalities and their stability

Pages 1047-1062

Wuttichai Suriyacharoen; Wutiphol Sintunavarat

Integral inequalities for functions satisfying certain convexity conditions

Pages 1063-1069

Serap Kemali; Sevda Sezer; zeynep Eken; Sinem Sezer Evcan

Characterizing $n$-multipliers on Banach algebras through zero products

Pages 1071-1078

Abbas Zivari-Kazempour

A new deep learning model to reduce Covid19-based face mask detection

Pages 1079-1091

Shwan Hadi Saeed; Bishar Rasheed Ibrahim; Nashwan Adnan Othman

MHD stagnation point flow of Carreau nanofluid over a radially stretching sheet

Pages 1093-1109

G Thirupathi; K Govardhan; G Narender

Existence results of quasilinear elliptic systems via Young measures

Pages 1111-1123

Hasnae El Hammar; Said Ait Temghart; Chakir Allalou; Said Melliani

Security management of wireless sensors network in industrial application

Pages 1125-1132

Ali Moradkhani; Ali Broumandnia; Seyed Javad Mirabedini

A study of functions involving 2j,k-symmetrical points and associated with subordination

Pages 1133-1145

Syed Zakar Hussain Bukhari; Madiha Manzoor

Multiple solutions of a class IBVPs for one-dimensional nonlinear wave equations

Pages 1147-1160

Svetlin Georgiev; Khaled Zennir

Presenting a financial reporting model for companies focusing on market value and accounting value

Pages 1161-1173

Mohammad Mirdarikvandi; Gholamreza Farsad Amanollahi; Ali Esmaelzadeh Mogheri; Amir Reza Keyghobadi

Distributional solution for semilinear system involving fractional gradient and a numerical example

Pages 1175-1185

Chaima Saadi; Hakim Lakhal; Kamel Slimani; Sara Dob

Designing a model for achieving sustainable competitive advantage through business intelligence using system dynamics modeling in Tehran Oil Refining Company

Pages 1187-1203

Hosseinali Rezaeimanesh; Ali Rezaeian; Alireza Amirkabiri

Hilfer-Katugampola fractional stochastic differential equations with nonlocal conditions

Pages 1205-1214

A.M. Sayed Ahmed; Hamdy M. Ahmed

Nonlinear effects of inflation on Iran's economic growth: The NARDL approach

Pages 1215-1225

Rahele Khalili; Kambiz Peykarjo; Kambiz Hojabr Kiani; Abbas Memarnejad

Sustainable urban design and the future of heritage cities

Pages 1227-1236

Narjis Hussain Ali; Saba Jabbar Neamah Al-Khafaji

Best proximant for set-valued maps via proximal relations

Pages 1237-1247

Sudheer Petwal; Anita Tomar; Meena Joshi

‎Seve‎ral ‎comparisons‎ between matrix means

Pages 1249-1259

Leila Nasiri

Adaptive 1-D polynomial coding to compress color image with C421

Pages 1261-1276

Samara S. AL-Hadithy; Ghadah K. AL-Khafaji

A new fractional derivative operator and applications

Pages 1277-1282

Mouhssine Zakaria; Abdelaziz Moujahid; Mahjoub Ikhouba

Geometry of submanifolds of all classes of third-order ODEs as a Riemannian manifold

Pages 1283-1294

Zeynab Bakhshandeh-Chamazkoti; Abolfazl Behzadi; Rohollah Bakhshandeh-Chamazkoti; Mehdi Rafie-Rad

Diagnostic COVID-19 based on chest imaging of COVID-19: A survey

Pages 1295-1309

Saja Ali Ayyed; Alyaa Al-Barrak

On the solutions of some nonlinear quadratic integral equations on an unbounded interval

Pages 1311-1329

İsmet Özdemir

A segmentation-based image zooming algorithm using artificial neural networks

Pages 1331-1337

Mohammad M. AlyanNezhadi; Ashkan Fakhri; Farzan Afshari

Code smells in software: Review

Pages 1339-1345

Farah Khiled AL-Jibory

Generalized iterative scheme for a generalized spectral problem

Pages 1347-1357

Ammar Khellaf; Hamza Guebbai; Wassim Merchela; Mohamed Zine Aissaoui

Meta-analysis of effective factors on the consequences of organizational anomie (Case study of Islamic Azad University)

Pages 1359-1370

Mohammad Reza Rahimi Zarchi; Malikeh Beheshtifar; Hossein Kazemi

The use of ARIMA, LSTM and GRU models in time series hybridization with practical application

Pages 1371-1383

Noor Saleem Mohammed Ali; Firas Ahmmed Mohammed

Controlling chaos in a discretized prey-predator system

Pages 1385-1398

Halima Ben Ali; Karima Mokni; Mohamed Ch-Chaoui

Identifying key factors affecting the tax avoidance process in private companies: Combining interpretive structural modeling approaches and network analysis process

Pages 1399-1411

Reza Malekinejad Kheimeh Seri; Hassan Ghodrati Qazaani; Ali Akbar Farzinfar; Hossein Jabbari

On the performance of intrusion detection systems for the internet of things: State-of-the-Art in Research

Pages 1413-1436

Chovin Usman Najam; Ahmed M. Fakhrudeen

Long-time solvability of functional differential equations with "supremum" involving increasing nonlinearity at infinite time

Pages 1437-1448

Afaf Ouani; Khadidja Nisse; Lamine Nisse

Description of the A4-graph for elements of order three in certain miscellaneous groups

Pages 1449-1455

Wissam Fadhel Abid; Zainab Hasan Msheree; Mohammed Mukheef Abed

Investigation of the strategic entrepreneurship components' effect on the knowledge-based companies' performance by applying new dimensions of balanced score card

Pages 1457-1480

Ali Alivand Zamhariri; Forough Heirany; Mahmoud Moeinadin

An approximation approach towards a class of integro-differential equation with pure delay

Pages 1481-1498

Nimai Sarkar; Mausumi Sen; Dipankar Saha; Ravi Agarwal

Seizure prediction algorithm based on simulated annealing and machine learning

Pages 1499-1508

Hussein M. Hussein; Kasim K. Abdalla

Provide a model of auditors' professional ethics behaviour with emphasis on ethical climate using interpretive structural modelling from the professional experts’ perspective

Pages 1509-1523

Mohammad ali Bahari Sejahrood; Ali Khozain; Jamadori Gorganli Doji; Arash Naderian

New results for a complex-valued cellular neural networks model on time scales

Pages 1525-1537

Mohssine Es-saiydy; Mohamed Zitane

Landscape view of recommender system techniques based on sentiment analysis

Pages 1539-1546

Rosul Ibrahim Kazem; Enas Fadhil Abdullah

Provide a favorable model of corporate governance system to prevent companies from falling into the trap of money laundering and affect the decisions of respondents (people and their legal representatives)

Pages 1547-1555

Mojtaba Rezaei; Fardin Mansouri; Mahdi Faghani

Existence of solutions to a periodic parabolic problem with Orlicz growth and $L^{1}$ data

Pages 1557-1575

Ghita Erriahi Elidrissi; Elhoussine Azroul; Lamrani Alaoui Abdelilah

Using Densenet121 to extract roads from satellite images

Pages 1577-1584

Hussein Ali Al-Iedane

Relative uniquely remotal centers in normed linear spaces

Pages 1585-1592

Hamid Mazaheri Tehrani; Narjes Khatoon Hamidi

Facial image detection based on the Viola-Jones algorithm for gender recognition

Pages 1593-1599

Buraq AbedRuda Hassan; Faten Abd Ali Dawood

Modeling and prediction of bitcoin prices based on blockchain information

Pages 1601-1610

Hossein Naghipour; Ali Nabavi chashmi; Behnam Barzegar; Erfan Memarian

Probabilistic Airy's type equation with third order minimum norm

Pages 1611-1626

Samir Kumar Bhandari; Sumit Chandok; Radha Binod Das

On the extension of $SD$ sets by using generalized open sets in bitopological spaces

Pages 1627-1638

Necati Can Açıkgöz; Ceren Sultan Elmalı

Optimization of the internal control quality of companies listed on the Iranian stock exchange using the imperialist competitive algorithm

Pages 1639-1646

Shamsaldin Jamali Nesari; Rahmatollah Mohammadipour; Ataullah Mohammadi

User recommendation system based on MIND dataset

Pages 1647-1654

Niran A. Abdulhussein; Ahmed J Obaid

On some properties of k-circulant matrices with the generalized 3-primes numbers

Pages 1655-1669

Yuksel Soykan; Melih Gocen

A hybrid approach of dynamic image processing and complex network to identify repetitive images of welding defects in radiographs of oil and gas pipelines

Pages 1671-1682

Ali Ebrahimi; Kamal Mirzaie; Ali Mohamad Latif

Determining the importance of the variables influencing financial reporting quality using the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Pages 1683-1696

Alireza Eghbali Amooghin; Heydar Mohammadzadeh Salteh; Mahdi Salehi; Ali akbar Nonahal nahr

Blockchain simulation model for a communication system in IoT devices

Pages 1697-1715

Ahmed Ali Talib Al Khazaali; Sefer Kurnaz

Selection of optimal method to predict report type of independent auditor: Comparison of two approaches of support vector machine and neural network

Pages 1717-1725

Ali Bakhshi; Shohreh Yazdani; Mohammadhamed Khanmohammadi; Ali Maleki

Inequalities for the rational functions with no Poles on the unit circle

Pages 1727-1735

Uzma Mubeen Ahanger; Wali Mohammad Shah; Lubna Wali Shah

Investigating the nonlinear relationship between financial ratios and capital structure in companies listed on Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 1737-1745

Asghar Karimi Khorami; Mohammadreza Farahmand

Effects of elasticity and cross-flow Reynolds on visco-elastic fluids across the ground and a porous elliptic plate

Pages 1747-1758

Mohammadreza Rezazadeh; Ali Zabihi; A.G. Davodi; Mustafa Inc; Waleed Adel; Melik B. Yesil

Calculation of resistive spectrum of MHD modes in tokamak with small resistivity

Pages 1759-1767

B. Rahmani; Ahmad Salar Elahi; M. Ghoraneviss

Well-posedness and stability results for a class of nonlinear fourth-order wave equation with variable-exponents

Pages 1769-1785

Amar Ouaoua; Wissem Boughamsa

Compare some estimation methods for zero-inflated Poisson regression models with simulation

Pages 1787-1793

Zahraa Abdulameer Ali AL-Mosawy; Abdul Hussian Habeab AL-Tai

Providing an audit quality model based on organizational structure, operating mechanism and the characteristics of auditing firms using structural equation modeling

Pages 1795-1808

Reza Azizi Moghaddam; HamidReza Gholamnia Roshan; Iman Dadashi

Bounds for the zeros of a quaternionic polynomial with restricted coefficients

Pages 1809-1816

Adil Hussain Malik

Multi-cubic functional equations in Lipschitz spaces

Pages 1817-1824

Mohammad Ali Abolfathi

New accelerated iterative algorithm for \(\mathbf{(\lambda,\rho)}\)-quasi firmly nonexpansive multiValued mappings

Pages 1825-1833

Bareq Baqi Salman; Salwa Salman Abed

Investigating the effect of economic policy uncertainty on the capital market development in Iran (Grigory-Hansen co-integrating approach in phase structural break)

Pages 1835-1847

Parisa Mohammadi; Farid Askari; Farzaneh Khalili

A new subclass of bi-univalent functions associated with q-Chebychev polynomial

Pages 1849-1856

Kavitha D; K. Dhanalakshmi; P. Manikandan

Medical and color images compression using new wavelet transformation

Pages 1857-1866

Ala Kodrz Rostam; Asim M. Murshid; Borhan F. Jumaa

A study on the success factors of the Iran Martial Arts Federation

Pages 1867-1879

Tooraj Ali Onsory; Seyed Emad Hosseini; Seyed Jafar Moosavi

Some notes on the greedy basis for Banach spaces under $\varepsilon$-isometry

Pages 1881-1889

Minanur Rohman; Ilker Eryilmaz

Some discussion on generalizations of metric spaces in fixed point perspective

Pages 1891-1901

Jayesh Savaliya; Dhananjay Gopal; Shailesh Kumar Srivastava

Analysis of cancerous tumor growth by the competitive model based on the evolutionary game theory

Pages 1903-1910

Atefeh Deris; Mahdi Sohrabi-Haghighat

Study of a dynamic viscoelastic problems with short memory

Pages 1911-1923

Mustafa Derguine; Abdelkader Saadallah; Hamid Benseridi

To propose a strategy-oriented and quality-aware business and IT alignment method through goal and scenario points analysis

Pages 1925-1937

Majid Aboutalebi; Saeed Parsa; Ramin Nassiri

Deep learning-based COVID-19 detection: State-of-the-art in research

Pages 1939-1962

Mohammed Saleh Ahmed; Ahmed M. Fakhrudeen

Investigating the effect of economic policy uncertainty on CO2 emissions using TVP-FAVAR approach

Pages 1963-1975

Heshmatulah Asgari; Ali Moridian; Fatemeh Havasbeigi

Global existence, decay and blow up of solutions for a quasilinear hyperbolic equations with source terms

Pages 1977-1988

Abir Bounaama; Messaoud Maouni; Amar Ouaoua

Pattern recognition using the multi-layer perceptron (MLP) for medical disease: A survey

Pages 1989-1998

Ali Abdulrahman Safar; Dhiadeen M. Salih; Asim M. Murshid

Investigating the effect of the characteristics of the board in choosing debt financing mode of the company by evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 1999-2005

Abdol Ali Shahani; Hasan Ahmadi

Convergence of the S-iteration process for the multi-valued generalized $( \alpha -\beta )$-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces

Pages 2007-2018

Nazlı Karaca

Stability analysis of harvested fractional-order prey-predator model with Holling type IV response

Pages 2019-2030

S. Karthikeyan; P. Ramesh; M. Sambath

New refinements for integral form of Jensen's and Holder's inequalities and related results

Pages 2031-2039

Gholamreza Zabandan

Detecting the rate of growing electrical energy loads using SCADA

Pages 2041-2048

Ahmad T. Jaiad; Seyed Vahab AL-Din Makki

An iterative algorithm for a system of generalized quasi-variational inequalities

Pages 2049-2060

Sumeera Shafi

Evaluation of the association between cryptocurrencies with oil and gold prices using the BEKK multivariate GARCH model

Pages 2061-2078

Behrouz Shakeri; Artin Beytari; Mohammadreza Ghorbanian; Rouhollah Javadi

Seismic data analysis using feed forward BP neural network model for earthquake prediction

Pages 2079-2090

Oday Jalil Abdulelah; Sepanta Naimi

Nonlinear implicit Caputo-Fabrizio fractional hybrid differential equations

Pages 2091-2099

Nedjemeddine Derdar

Provide an algorithm for connecting bootstrap-based smart objects to the cloud, using asymmetric encryption

Pages 2101-2110

Alireza Zeynali

Spatio temporal based distributed message and source location security protocol to wireless sensor network-polynomial based scheme

Pages 2111-2121

Parthasaradhi Mayasala; S. Murali Krishna

Derivation of some statistics for beta exponential distribution

Pages 2123-2128

Mujtaba Zuhair Ali; Ahmed A.H. Alkhalidi

High performance of the Remez algorithm in finding polynomial approximations for the solution of integral equations

Pages 2129-2142

Ali Darijani

The role of the website of the agricultural extension and training department on the social network Facebook in the diffusion of agricultural ideas: Analytical study

Pages 2143-2154

Khattab Abdullah Mohammed

On generalized Jordan $\ast$-derivations with associated Hochschild $\ast$-2-cocycles

Pages 2155-2167

Javad Bakhti; Gholamreza Abbaspour Tabadkan; Amin Hosseini

On stability, boundedness and square integrability of solutions For fourth-order differential equations of neutral type with variable delay

Pages 2169-2181

Larbi Fatmi; Moussadek Remili; Mebrouk Rahmane

Blockchain as a foundation to support healthcare systems

Pages 2183-2191

Nigar M. Shafiq Surameery; Mohammed Y. Shakor

Analyzing the factors Influencing green software development using a hybrid fuzzy approach

Pages 2193-2212

Farkhondeh Mortaz Hejri; Changiz Valmohammadi; Mahmood Alborzi

On quasi-subordination for bi-univalency involving generalized distribution series associated with remodelled $s$-sigmoid function

Pages 2213-2222

S. O. Olatunji; Abiodun Tinuoye Oladipo; Trailokya Panigrahi

Computer-aided classification of images containing white blood cells

Pages 2223-2231

Ali Hussein Yousif; Shahab Kareem; Dina Yousif Mikhail

An optimal model for measuring the human resources productivity in the East Azarbaijan Gas Company

Pages 2233-2246

Saeedeh Amiri; Jafar Beikzad; Farhad Nejad Haji Ali Irani; Mohammad Ali Mojallal

Strong convergence result for split inclusion problems in Banach spaces

Pages 2247-2263

Ajay Kumar

Comparison of some Bayesian shrinkage estimation for Frechet distribution with simulations

Pages 2265-2278

Zahra Ibrahim Abd Abbas Al-Jabouri; Abdulhussien Hassan Habib Al-Taee

Human-Whale cooperation optimization (HWO) algorithm: A metaheuristic algorithm for solve optimization problems

Pages 2279-2300

Farnoosh Parandeh Motlagh; Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri; Amid khatibi Bardsiri

A mathematical study of nanoparticle aided hyperthermia treatment of hepatic cancer using magnetite nanoparticles under alternating and rotating magnetic fields

Pages 2301-2312

Faizan Ahmad Zargar; Mukhtar Ahmad Khanday; Mudasir Ashraf

The influence of Ambidextrous leadership on the Perma model of worker welfare

Pages 2313-2326

Lubna Qahtan Muhammad Ali Qahtan Muhammad Ali; Fadheela Salman Dawood

Explaining the effects of innovation and learning on dimensions of project sustainability in the Iranian Construction Industry

Pages 2327-2340

Alireza Siyavashpour; Hani Arbabi

Identification of risks causing delays in design development and construction stages of state-owned irrigation projects in Turkey

Pages 2341-2349

Aseel Abdaljader; Mustafa Günal

The effects of trade openness and some macroeconomic variables on exchange rate volatility in Iran

Pages 2351-2360

Mehdi Moayed; Ali Haghighat; Hashem Zare; Jalil Khodaparast Shirazi

Some inequalities for linear canonical curvelet transform

Pages 2361-2372

Ravikumar K; Arshad Ahmad Khan

Providing a hybrid method for face detection and gender recognition by a transfer learning and fine-tuning approach in deep convolutional neural networks and the Yolo algorithm

Pages 2373-2381

Peyman Jabraelzadeh; Asghar Charmin; Mohsen Ebadpour

Mathematical Model for Transmission Dynamics of Novel COVID-19 with Sensitivity Analysis

Pages 2383-2398

Eshetu Dadi Gurmu; Solomon Tolcha Motuma; Alemu Geleta Wedajo

Zero watermarking technique using LWT

Pages 2399-2407

Saja Abdulameer Kahdim; Areej M. Abduldaim

Survey the effect of fintech companies’ profitability enhancement on winning customers’ loyalty using an artificial intelligence-based optimization algorithm

Pages 2409-2423

Mohammad Reza Babakhanian; Seyed Abdollah Amin Mousavi; Roya Soltani; Hamid Reza Vakilifar

Strong convergence theorem for split variational inclusion problem and finite family of fixed point problems

Pages 2425-2438

Shamshad Husain; Mubashshir Uddin Khairoowala; Mohd Asad

A three-parameter new lifetime distribution with various failure rates: Characteristics, estimation and application

Pages 2439-2453

Adel Abbood Najm; Mahdi Wahhab Neamah

Matrix modeling and optimization calculation method for large scale integrated energy system

Pages 2455-2468

Mohsen Sadighi; Mahmoud Samiei Moghaddam; Amin Hajizadeh

A difference scheme using a parametric spline for differential difference equation with twin layers

Pages 2469-2479

B.S.L. Soujanya G; Kumar Ragula; Phaneendra K

Estimate the interval of the fuzzy parameters of the inverse Weibull distribution

Pages 2481-2491

Emtinan Sattar Eisaa; Mushtaq K. Abd AI-Rahem; Sada Faydh Mohammed

On Noether's conservation laws of the Sine-Gordon equation using moving frames

Pages 2493-2506

Yousef Masoudi; Mehdi Nadjafikhah; Megerdich Toomanian

COVID-19IraqKirkukDataset: Development and evaluation of an Iraqi dataset for COVID-19 classification based on deep learning

Pages 2507-2518

Mohammed Saleh Ahmed; Ahmed M. Fakhrudeen

Oscillation and asymptotic behavior of third-order semi-canonical difference equations with positive and negative terms

Pages 2519-2527

Gopal Thangavel; Ayyappan Govindasamy; E. Thandapani

Evaluation and selection of suppliers using network analysis process and VIKOR methods

Pages 2529-2540

Mohammad Reza Jafari

An inertial-based hybrid and shrinking projection methods for solving split common fixed point problems in real reflexive spaces

Pages 2541-2556

Jeremiah Nkwegu Ezeora; Francis O Nwawuru

Effective model of technical and vocational education on the labor market

Pages 2557-2570

Arash Ansari; Roghayeh Vahdat; Abolfazl Ghasemzadeh Alishahi

Data and image encryption through steganography inside an image (MKTEXT-7) and (MK-12,13,14,15)

Pages 2571-2585

Mohammed Abdul Hameed Jassim Al-Kufi; Hussein Abbas Al-Salihi

Forecasting financial time series trends by pattern recognition

Pages 2587-2600

Farzaneh Akbarzadeh; Ali Soleimani

Corrigendum to ``Forms of $\varpi-$continuous functions between bitopological spaces''

Pages 2601-2602

Madhu Ram; Shallu Sharma

Parsim: A parametric simulation application for wireless sensor networks based on NS2 simulator

Pages 2603-2616

Hossein Ghaffarian; Mahdi Sadeghizadeh

On dual soft local function

Pages 2617-2621

Maryam Sabbeh Al-Rubaiea; Maryam Adnan Al-Ethary

Soliton solutions and other analytical solutions of a new (3+1)-dimensional novel KP like equation

Pages 2623-2632

Ben Muatjetjeja; Thabo Moretlo; Abdullahi Adem

A hybrid fuzzy MCDM approach to prioritize organization's activities based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy DEMATEL

Pages 2633-2646

Jamshid Afshani; Abbas Karimi; Nafiseh Osati Eraghi; Faraneh Zarafshan

Predicting and speeding up performance testing for application programs with automation

Pages 2647-2654

Abdulrahman Ahmed Khudhur; Ibrahim Mohamed

Developing a green vehicle routing problem model with time windows and simultaneous pickup and delivery under demand uncertainty: Minimizing fuel consumption

Pages 2655-2669

Mohammad Bagher Fakhrzad; Seyed Masoud Hoseini Shorshani; Hasan Hosseininasab; Ali Mostafaeipour

Backward bifurcation analysis in SIRS-SI of the dynamics of malaria transmission model with treatment

Pages 2671-2686

Alemu Geleta Wedajo; Lemma Ebissa

A hybrid model based on Siemens and data envelopment analysis to solve the time-cost trade-off problem considering multi factors

Pages 2687-2699

Reza Shadab; Mohammadreza Shahriari; Ghanbar Abbaspour Esfeden; Farhad Hosseinzadehlotfi

Improved image segmentation method based on optimized higher-order polynomial

Pages 2701-2715

Anmar Jameel Naji; Shehab A. Ibrahem; Shahla U. Umar

On Ostrowski type inequalities via the Taylor's formula

Pages 2717-2729

Asif R. Khan; Hira Nabi; Josip Pecaric

Prediction model of electrical energy consumption in conventional residential buildings using ANN and ANFIS

Pages 2731-2751

Sirous Khaligh Fard; Hassan Ahmadi; Mohammad Hadi Alizadeh Elizei

Modeling the UV-visible spectroscopic data of an aromatic hydrocarbon mixture to solve the problem of gas mixtures

Pages 2753-2758

Muthana Alboedam; A. A. Al-Rubaiee

The numerical solution of time fractional generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation via the Sinc functions

Pages 2759-2770

Ali Barati

Hybrid iterative algorithms for finding common solutions of a system of generalized mixed quasi-equilibrium problems and fixed point problems of nonexpansive semigroups

Pages 2771-2786

A. A. Abd-Allah; Abdullah Ali H. Ahmadini; Dr Salahuddin

Presenting a model for social responsibility information disclosure with the foundation data theory approach in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange

Pages 2787-2798

Reza Mahmoudi; Ghodrat Allah Talebnia; Hamidreza Vakilifard; Faegh Ahmadi; Khosrow shahdad moradi

Robust estimates for a three-parameter exponential regression model

Pages 2799-2808

Ahmed Joudah Irshayyid; Rabab Abdulrida Saleh

Effects of money volume (liquidity) and inflation rates on capital market development: A mathematical approach

Pages 2809-2820

Rohollah Shahabinezhad; Mohsen Zayandehroodi; Reza Zeynalzadeh; Seyed Abdolmajid Jalaee

Performance improvements for MANET routing protocols using a combination of cat and particle swarm optimization (CPSO)

Pages 2821-2829

Ahmed Adnan Hadi; Seyed Vahab AL-Din Makki

The difference between teaching general and specific cultural features in learning foreign languages: Mathematical approach

Pages 2831-2841

Elnaz Pakzad; Parastoo Khanbani; Parastoo panjeshahi

Multivalued operators, data dependence of fixed points and fractals

Pages 2843-2858

Deepak Kumar; Sumit Chandok

Sustainable marketing model for sustainable development in the banking industry

Pages 2859-2870

Vahid Peirdadeh Beiranvand; Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand; Mirza Hassan Hosseini; Mohammad Taghi Amini

A monitoring system for railways based on WSN

Pages 2871-2880

Zena Abd Alrahman; Ali Adham

Approximating the matrix exponential, sine and cosine via the spectral method

Pages 2881-2900

Arezo Shakeri; Mahmoud Behroozifar

Identification and screening of psychological factors affecting the financial behavior of investors for providing a structural model: A capital efficiency approach

Pages 2901-2914

Mohammad Ali Dehestani; Hasaan Ghodrati Ghzaani; Meysam Arabzadeh; Hossein Panahian; Mohammad Alipour

Well-posedness and analyticity for the viscous primitive equations of geophysics in critical Fourier-Besov-Morrey Spaces with variable exponents

Pages 2915-2929

Fatima Ouidirne; Achraf Azanzal; Chakir Allalou; Mohamed Oukessou

A nilpotency criterion for finite groups by the sum of element orders

Pages 2931-2937

Maghsoud Jahani; Yadollah Marefat; Hassan Refaghat; Bahram Vakili Fasaghandisi

Prediction of football match results by using artificial intelligence-based methods and proposal of hybrid methods

Pages 2939-2969

İsmail Hakkı KINALIOĞLU; Coskun KUŞ

Tracking the maximum power point of a combined wind and solar power plant with the help of a colonial competition algorithm

Pages 2971-2983

Mohsen Ahmadnia; Ahmad Hajipour; Ali Gholamzadeh

Compilation and explanation of the leadership brand model in the agricultural industry, the citrus product of the south of the country

Pages 2985-2998

Mahmood Ameri Siyahooei; Behrouz Larisemnani; Mohammad Mahmoudi Maymand; Mohammad Mahdi Parhizgar

A novel algorithm to solve fixed points of various functions by the Bisection-Moth-Flame optimization algorithm

Pages 2999-3010

Sayyed masood Zekavatmand; Javad Vahidi

Hyers--Ulam--Rassias stability of Jensen's functional equation on fuzzy normed linear spaces

Pages 3011-3023

Morteza Saheli; Hadi Saedi Goraghani

On subclasses of analytic functions defined by using Tremblay fractional derivative operator

Pages 3025-3035

Amina Ahmed Awad; Fawzan Ismail Sidky; Doaa Shokry Mohamed

Synchronization between two coupled fractional order neuron models using the optimized fuzzy logic controller in the presence of external disturbances

Pages 3037-3043

Ali Soleimanizadeh; Mohammad Ali Nekoui; Mahdi Aliyari Shoorehdeli

Existence of solutions for Caputo sequential fractional differential equations with integral boundary conditions

Pages 3045-3061

Murugesan Manigandan; Muthaiah Subramanian; Thangaraj Nandha Gopal; Bundit Unyong

Quantum algorithms for solving data envelopment analysis models

Pages 3063-3070

Najmeh Malekmohammadi; Ali Ebrahimnejad; Samira Sayedsalehi

Construction confidence interval for a linear combination of parameters of the two-parameter exponential distribution under type II progressive censoring

Pages 3071-3082

Ahad Malekzadeh

Effect of nanoparticle loading on the polymer surface (Polyether-block-amide) in CO2/CH4 selectivity

Pages 3083-3096

Seyed Mohammad Faghih; Mahmoud Salimi; Hossein Mazaheri

Existence of three solutions for a boundary value problem with impulsive effects

Pages 3097-3109

Mahnaz Bagheri

Hidden Markov model and Persian speech recognition

Pages 3111-3119

Masoume Shafieian

Measurement of the effects of composite indices on Iran's economic growth with an Islamic approach in 1996-2019

Pages 3121-3134

Mehdi Rajabi; Mostafa Rajaei Pour; Mohammad Reza Kazemi Golvardi; Reza Fahimi Doab

The first and second K-Banhatti indices of some graph operations

Pages 3135-3144

Gowtham K. J.

Coefficient estimates and Fekete-Szegő inequalities for a new subclass of m-fold symmetric bi-univalent functions satisfying subordinate conditions

Pages 3145-3154

Eszter Gavriş; Şahsene Altınkaya

Designing and explaining the model of postponing the limit of incompetence in human capital (case study of Postbank of Iran)

Pages 3155-3167

Ali Nekoui Shirazi; Ehtesham Rashidi; Hadi Hematian

Developed PC-GFDM based on interleaver

Pages 3169-3177

Ameer H. Ali; Saad S. Hreshee

Identifications of developmental dysgraphia on the basis of dynamic handwriting features

Pages 3179-3188

Mohammad Amini; Alireza Tavakoli Targhi; Mehdi Hosseinzadeh; Faezeh Farivar; Reza Bidaki

Global behavior of positive solutions of a third order difference equations system

Pages 3189-3200

Phong Nam Mai

Existence result for double phase problem involving the $(p(x),q(x))$-Laplacian-like operators

Pages 3201-3210

Yacini Soukaina; Mohamed El Ouaarabi; Allalou Chakir; Hilal Khalid