Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 8, August 2023, Pages 1-350 
On stability results for a nonlinear generalized fractional hybrid pantograph equation involving deformable derivative

Pages 1-14


Souad Ayyadi; Jehad Alzabut; A. George M Selvam; D. Vignesh

Star ordering of range symmetric matrices in indefinite inner product space

Pages 15-22


D. Krishnaswamy; A. Narayanasamy; Abdelkader Benali

Arcwise $\rho$-connected functions and their generalizations in vector optimization over cones

Pages 23-32


Mamta Chaudhary; Muskan Kapoor

Identifying and analyzing factors affecting the excellence and success of small and medium industries using the system dynamics approach

Pages 33-43


Rouhollah Barkhordari; Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi; Ali Morovati Sharifabadi

Some differential subordinations and superordinations results for analytic univalent functions using Theyab-Atshan-Lupas-Abdullah operator

Pages 45-54


Huda Hayder Jasim; Waggas Galib Atshan

Development of FCM method to increase clustering accuracy in big data

Pages 55-66


Hadis Changizi; Alireza Pour Ebrahimi; Mohammad Ali Afshar Kazemi; Reza radfar

The use of the trapezoidal method for solving the Tacoma Narrows Bridge model

Pages 67-72


Mohammad Ali Mehrpouya; Mehdi Shahini

Using support vector machine (SVM) technology to predict the duration of irrigation canal projects in western Iraq

Pages 73-81


Jumaa AL-Somaydaii; Aseel Abdaljader; Saadi Shartooh Sharqi; Nadhir Al Ansari

Mining association rules for identifying critical factors affecting the implementation of business intelligence systems through WST-WFIM algorithm

Pages 83-94


Saeed Nalousi; Yousef Farhang; Amin Babazadeh Sangar; Kambiz Majidzadeh

Solving two-dimensional nonlinear Volterra integral equations using Rationalized Haar functions

Pages 95-105


Majid Erfanian; Hamed Zeidabadi

Investigating the positive and negative impulses of financial policy on the economy; DSGE model (Case study: Iranian economy)

Pages 107-118


Zahra Sadat Raeisi Gavgani; Teymur Mohammadi; Farhad Ghaffari; Abbas Memar Nejhad

Identifying and measuring information content of financial statements in audit reporting adjustment

Pages 119-127


Ali Bakhshi; Shohreh Yazdani; Mohammadhamed Khanmohammadi; Ali Maleki

Some best proximity point results for generalized cyclic contraction mappings

Pages 129-135


Thounaojam Stephen; Rohen Yumnam; Huseyin Işık; Laishram Shanjit

Predicting the health expenditures in Iran using TVP models

Pages 137-148


Masoomeh Masoodi; Bahram Sahabi; Hossein Sadeghi; Lotfali Agheli

The analysis of strategies and outcomes of the optimal allocation of resources in Islamic banking using the GT approach with the help of MAXQDA software

Pages 149-159


Rasul Yasman Mayan; Asgar Pakmaram; Rasoul Abdi; Nader Rezaei

The cubic trigonometric B-spline collocation method for the time-fractional stochastic Advection-Diffusion equation

Pages 161-167


Allahbakhsh Yazdani Cherati; Zohre Azimi

Designing an effective entrepreneurial attitude model on students' entrepreneurial intention (Case study: Islamic Azad University - Central Tehran Branch)

Pages 169-186


Hamed Abbasi; Jamshid Edalatian Shahriari; MohammadReza KabaranzadGhadim

A study on the asymmetric effects of oil and non-oil revenues on the financial development index in Iran

Pages 187-196


Moslem Jamshidi; Sharareh Majdzadeh Tabatabaei; Seyed Nematollah Mousavi

Gradient projection algorithms for optimization problems on convex sets and application to SVM

Pages 197-215


Radhia Bessi; Harouna Soumare

Investigation of factors affecting the price of poultry and poultry meat in Sari city market by Leontif generalized function

Pages 217-224


Boroumand Alizadeh Seyed Zin Al-Abedini; Mustafa Goodarzi; Qasim Norouzi

The dynamic relationship between trading volumes, share market returns and return fluctuations in companies listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange at different periods

Pages 225-235


Ali Sarafraz Ardekani

Existence and multiplicity of solutions for Neumann boundary value problems involving nonlocal $p(x)$-Laplacian equations

Pages 237-247


Maryam Mirzapour

Identification of green financing strategies in Iran's banking sector and its political effects on the structural changes of the industry sector

Pages 249-264


Ali Asghar Dadkhah Turkdari; Ezatollah Abbasian; Mohsen Ebrahimi

The strategic use of events to revitalize cities: Najaf as a case study

Pages 265-282


Marwah Fadihl Salih Chokur; Saba J. Neamah Al-Khafaji

Comparison study for NLP using machine learning techniques to detecting SQL injection vulnerabilities

Pages 283-290


Manar Hasan Ali AL-Maliki; Mahdi Nsaif Jasim

The distance-based critical node detection in the symmetric travelling salesman problem and its application to improve the approximate solutions

Pages 291-296


Mohsen Abdolhosseinzadeh; Mir Mohammad Alipour

Evaluation of humanitarian environmental design principles

Pages 297-310


Mohamed Wahba Ibrahim Khalil; Mohamed Atef Elhamy Kamel

More on proper commuting and Lie mappings on generalized matrix algebras

Pages 311-325


Amir Hossein Mokhtari

Optimization of the dynamic network data envelopment analysis (DNDEA) model ‌based on the game theory in the capital market

Pages 327-341


Ali Asghar Tatlari; Seyed Jafar Sajjadi; Roya Soltani

Common fixed point theorems of integral type in G-metric space via control function

Pages 343-350


Sahil Arora