Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 1-397 
Common fixed point theorems with applications to theoretical computer science

Pages 1-10


Jamshaid Ahmad; Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei; Themistocles M. Rassias

Existence results for the $\sigma$-Hilfer fractional boundary value problem involving a generalized $(p_{1}\left( x\right) ,p_{2}\left( x\right) ,...,p_{n}\left( x\right) )$-Laplacian operator

Pages 11-22


Nadir Benkaci-Ali

Stability and superstability of n-Jordan ∗-homomorphisms in Frechet locally C*-algebras

Pages 23-30


Khatere Ghasemi; Shahram Ghaffary; Javad Jamalzadeh; Choonkil Park

Existence of mild solutions for fractional Schrodinger equations in extended Colombeau algebras

Pages 31-44


Elomari M'hamed; Said Melliani; Fatima Ezzahra Bourhim; Ali El Mfadel

Convergence analysis and approximation of fixed point of multivalued generalized $\alpha$-nonexpansive mapping in uniformly convex Banach space

Pages 45-74


Unwana Udofia; Donatus Ikechi Igbokwe

The effect of drug price liberalization on income distribution; A mathematical approach

Pages 75-85


Hamed Karimi; Seyed Mohsen Khalifeh Soltani; Bahar Hafezi

Existence of solution for a fractional differential equation via a new type of $(\psi, F)$-contraction in $b$-metric spaces

Pages 87-100


Francis Akutsah; Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Abass Hammed Anuoluwapo; Kazeem Olalekan Aremu; Narain Ojen Kumar

Hyers-Ulam stability and well-posedness for fixed point problems on quasi $b$-metric spaces

Pages 101-110


Qusuay Alqifiary; Hassen Aydi

Examining external shocks and welfare losses with emphasis on monetary rule

Pages 111-123


Marzieh Asadi Asad Abad; Seyed Abbas Najafizadeh; Beitollah Akbari Moghadam

Evaluation of the energy reserve of communication channels during data transmission using small-sized UAVs in the conditions of "smart cities

Pages 125-132


Surzhik Dmitry I.; Kuzichkin Oleg R.; Vasilyev Gleb S.

Some dominating results of the topological graph

Pages 133-140


Zainab N. Jwair; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

Disclosure of corporate social responsibility with Iranian-Islamic approach using Using fuzzy Delphi method and grounded theory model

Pages 141-149


Teymour Jabbari; Javad Ramezani; Mehdi Khalilpour

Banach fixed point theorem on incomplete orthogonal S-metric spaces

Pages 151-157


Zeinab Eivazi Damirchi Darsi Olia; Madjid Eshaghi; Davood Ebrahimi Bagha

Solving cubic objective function programming problem by modification simplex method

Pages 159-165


Nejmaddin A. Sulaiman; Media A. Omer

Application of artificial intelligence algorithms in stock market forecasting

Pages 167-174


Fahime Jahanian; Seyyed Ali Paytakhti Oskooe; Ahmad Mohammadi; Aliasghar Mottaghi

Some iterative algorithms for Reich-Suzuki nonexpansive mappings and relaxed $(\alpha,k)$-cocoercive mapping with applications to a fixed point and optimization problems

Pages 175-193


Akindele Adebayo Mebawondu; Paranjothi Pillay; Ojen K. Narain; Akindele Akano Onifade; Mathew O. Adewole

Approximate symmetries and conservation laws of forced fractional oscillator

Pages 195-205


Mehdi Nadjafikhah; Mansoureh Mirala; Mohamad Chaichi

Risk psychology and decision-making behavior of traders (Prospect Theory test)

Pages 207-219


Reza Khezri; Asgar Pakmaram; Rasool Abdi; Nader Rezaei

Fixed point theorems for generalized orthogonal F-contraction and F-expansion of Wardowski kind via the notion of $\psi-$fixed point

Pages 221-231


Sahil Arora; Monika Masta; Mahender Poonia

Solvability of infinite system of general order differential equations via generalized Meir-Keeler condensing operator and semi-analytic method

Pages 233-246


Anupam Das; Mohsen Rabbani; BIPAN HAZARIKA; Syed A. Mohiuddine

Design a model to explain the role of good governance in facilitating the Iranian business environment with a data mining approach

Pages 247-263


Fazlullah Kiani; Mir Mehrdad Peidaie; Sahar Dorniani

Model of effective factors on strategic human resources management in tax organizations of Iran, using meta synthesis method

Pages 265-279


Saeed Seifi Nezhad; Mohammad Reza Bagherzadeh; Yosouf Gholipor Kanani; Mehran Mokhtari Baye Kolaei

Fixed points and stability of new approximation algorithms for contractive-type operators in normed linear spaces

Pages 281-299


lmo Kalu Agwu; Donatus Ikechi Igbokwe

Optimization of raisin sorting machine using genetic algorithm

Pages 301-312


Seyed Hamed Mirkhorasani; Mehdi Abasgholipour; Behzad Mohammadi Alasti

The relationship between accounting comparability, financial reporting quality and pricing of accruals

Pages 313-325


Masoumeh Shayesteh; Rahmatollah Mohammadipour; Hamidreza Kordlouie

A new reproducing kernel method for solving the second order partial differential equation

Pages 327-339


Mohammadreza Foroutan; Soheyla Morovvati Darabad; Kamal Fallahi

A model of sustainable consumer behavior in the insurance industry (Case study: Insurance Company Asia)

Pages 341-358


Ali Effatpanah; Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar; Yaghob Alavimatin; Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

On the common zero of a finite family of monotone operators in Hadamard spaces and its applications

Pages 359-367


Sajad Ranjbar

Ranking the success factors of NPD with a WCM approach (Case study: Active companies in the food industry)

Pages 369-384


Mohammad Sadegh Dehgani Bahreghani; Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi; Mohammad Reza Dehghani Ashkazari; Mehdi Akaberi Tafti

A unified class of analytic functions associated with Erdeyi-Kober type integral operator

Pages 385-397


K.Amarender Reddy; Murugusundaramoorthy Gangadharan