Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2023, Pages 1-348 
Starlikeness of an integral operator associated with Mittag-Leffler functions

Pages 1-7


Poonam Dixit; Saurabh Porwal; Manoj Kumar Singh

On a certain subclass of analytic functions involving modified q-Opoola derivative operator

Pages 9-16


Abdullah Ali Alatawi; Maslina Darus

Dynamics of the modified Halley's method

Pages 17-26


Carlos E. Cadenas R.

Review on machine learning and deep learning algorithms for IoT security

Pages 27-35


Harith Abdulkarim

Energy variability approach in plasma oscillations modelled by a modified Duffing equation

Pages 37-48


K. Suddalai Kannan; S.M. Abdul Kader; M. Mohamed Roshan; Chinnathambi - Veerapadran

Use of ISM technique to designing human capabilities development model

Pages 49-62


mahdi Jalali Zamani; Hadi Hematian; Ehtesham Rashidi

The impact of commercial press notifications on real earnings management

Pages 63-77


Maryam Hassas Khalasi; Mohammad Reza Vatanparast; Seyed Mahmood Shabgoo Monsef

Analysis of an age structured SIR epidemic model with fractional Caputo derivative

Pages 79-93


Fatima Cherkaoui; Khalid Hilal; Abdelaziz Qaffou

The Daniell's functional on a Banach lattice

Pages 95-101


Noori F. Al-Mayahi; Haitham Irhayyim Mosa

Design and implementation of the planar inverted-F antenna using computer simulation technology for wireless applications

Pages 103-112


Randa Nael Adel; Ali Hasan Khidir

The effect of tax incentives on tax collection in the comprehensive tax plan using Grounded theory and structural equation model

Pages 113-120


Seifolah Hassanzadeh; Yahya Kamyabi; Mehdi Khalilpour; Javad Ramzani

On the properties of r-circulant matrices involving Mersenne and Fermat numbers

Pages 121-131


Munesh Kumari; Kalika Prasad; Jagmohan Tanti; Engin Ozkan

A new approach for detecting credit card fraud transaction

Pages 133-146


Do X Cho; Dang Ngoc Phong; Nguyen Duy Phuong

A dynamic model for evaluating the effect of technology on the development of the industrial clusters using a system dynamics approach

Pages 147-158


Javad Mir; Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi; Mozhde Rabbani

Stability analysis of a stochastic model of absorption of the drugs problem

Pages 159-167


Asmahan A. Yasir; Ihsan J. Kadhim

Methodology for modeling the information signal generator at the physical level in FANET networks

Pages 169-176


Vasilyev G.S; Kuzichkin O.R; Surzhik D.I; Kurilov I.A

Non-expansive linear random dynamical systems

Pages 179-186


Akhlas Kadom Obaid; Ihsan J. Kadhim

Effects of client firm characteristics on auditor switching: A meta-analysis approach

Pages 187-198


Mohammad Ostad Jafari; Omid Faraji; Meysam Arabzadeh; Hossein Jabbari; Hassan Ghanimati

A note on b-generalized derivations with a quadratic equation in prime rings

Pages 199-209


Damla Yılmaz; Hasret Yazarlı

Linear maps which are local (g, h)-ternary derivations from ∗-module extension Banach algebras into their periodical duals

Pages 211-217


Lamia K. Ismail; Amir A. Mohammed

Designing a model for selecting a company growth strategy based on market and product success forecasts by comparing FIS and ANFIS methods

Pages 219-234


Saeed Zanjani; Soleyman Iranzadeh; Asadollah Khadivi; Nasser Feghhi Farahmand

Some dominating results of the join and corona operations between discrete topological graphs

Pages 235-242


Mays K. Idan; Mohammed A. Abdlhusein

Extended model of financing the construction projects of Islamic Azad University using new financing tools

Pages 243-257


Maryam Gheysarpour; Abdolkarim Moghadam; Ahmad Pifeh

An application of the power series distribution for univalent function classes with positive coefficients

Pages 259-265


Murugusundaramoorthy Gangadharan; Sibel Yalçın; Elif Yaşar; Serkan Çakmak

Some novel tripled fixed point results in ternary algebras

Pages 267-272


Reza Mohmmadi Hashjin; Hasan Hosseinzadeh; Rasool Abazari; Ali Bagheri; Vahid Parvaneh

Evaluation and prioritization of factors determining the strategy of entering international markets by using the method of systematic background review

Pages 273-285


Saeed Khodaee; Edris Mahmoodi; Ghasem Bakhshandeh

Complexity analysis of interior-point methods yielding the best known iteration bound for semidefinite optimization

Pages 287-301


Derbal Louiza; Kebbiche Zakia; Bouafia Mousaab

Planning an analytical model for assessing supply chain resilience to various types of risks: Case study of Iran petrochemical industries

Pages 303-323


Mohammad Bahrami Seyfabad

Solutions of fractional Lotka-Volterra and Lorenz-Stenflo equations by Sumudu decomposition method

Pages 325-336


Oluwaseun Akinlo Mogbojuri

Traveling wave solutions for systems of nonlinear advection-diffusion-reaction equations with delay and variable coefficients

Pages 337-348


Mathew O. Aibinu; Sibu Moyo